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kkgcom Jan 1st, 2019 19:51

Vizag Araku Jagdalpur Travel itinerary:

23/12/2018 – Boarded East Coast Express 18645 from Howrah which leaves at 11:45 A.M. and reach Vizag at 03:45 A.M.

24/12/2018 – Reached early morning. Took an auto for Rs. 500 and transfer to Sai Priya Beach Resort, Rushikonda around 5 A.M. After refreshment went to Rushikonda beach to view sunrise. Then took breakfast from the hotel and booked an auto for Rs. 1000 and watched the below points:
Rama Naidu Film City - The entire studio can be covered leisurely in under 90 minutes. Entry price is very less and the attractions inside the studio are okayish. Studio is located on the top of a hill and offers a mesmerizing view of the ocean.
Simhachalam temple - Famous for Lord Varaha Laxmi Narasimha swamy. This temple is 2nd famous after Lord Tirupati in the States of Andhra Pradesh. It's the first tourist attraction site in Vizag. It's also accessible by nearest Railway station Simhanchalm & Visakhapatnam. Beautiful environment, suitable weather, hilly area, scenic beauty, greenery with divine feeling will completely mesmerize the body & soul. We took bus for Rs. 20 each from down the hill to the temple. There are bus routes to and from temple. It took Rs.100 per person as an entry fees. There are 3 different places to deposit mobile & camera, bags and shoes before entering the temple.
Then went to CMR mall. Took lunch at KFC and did some shopping there.
Night Stay at the same hotel. We had a great time at Sai Priya Resort. Per night cost is Rs.4500. The resort is on the beach that was so convenient. Another great feature is the food at the One Fine Day restaurant. overall, a great stay.

25/12/2018 – Early morning after breakfast from the hotel, booked Cab (Travera) for Rs. 4500 through hotel travel desk for sight-seeing and transfer to Araku, Below are the places which we visit:
Ananthagiri Coffee Plantations – Araku is popular for its coffee plantations. I have visited the lush green Ananthagiri Coffee Plantations on the hill slopes on the way to Borra Caves in our day trip at Araku Valley and learned a lot about the coffee plantation. Local people sells coffee, spices, and local coffee powder near the plantation area by the side of the road. We bought few filter coffee and spices.
Galikonda View Point - It is situated on the way from Araku to Borra caves. One of the best place for see the view of Araku valley.
Borra Caves- Visited Borra caves and truly it's worth visiting. It's a two hours’ drive from Vishakhapatnam .Entry fees is of INR 60 for adults plus a fees of INR 25 for phone Which has camera.caves are in 3 levels with top most level is called bat caves which is not open for general public.middle level is open for public and please take a guide along so that you can know better about the types of rocks and different formations of staglamites .These caves are of different level ,so grand it's truly mesmerising.Old age people will may find difficulty in stairs otherwise it's flat inside. I wish authorities to have placed tungsten lights instead of colorful lights. Worth a visit and few vegetarian’s options around cave but if you like chicken then do taste bamboo chicken. We went on a public holiday hence it was very crowded. It’s must visit place and one of its kind. Natural cave with beautiful lighting. Avoid going on a public holiday as its very crowded.
Araku Tribal Museum – It is located near Araku bus stand and APTDC Haritha Hills Hotel. You can see here local tribal culture. Well maintained museum. Statues here are looks like real. Entry fees of Rs.50 is there per person.
Night-stay at Araku, APTDC Araku Valley Resort. Per night cost is Rs.2200. This is one of the best hotel to stay at Araku. you don't have much option for a good stay at Araku, but this is one of the best option to stay at Araku, though this property must be little more maintenance. The Rooms are spacious, have big lawns, balconies. The property has a good Swimming Pool, a garden, a Play area for kids. The restaurant serves average food and most of the items in the menu are not available. They serve Complementary Breakfast with limited options of Idli, Vada, and 2 other items.
We found No drinking water, no toiletries, no towel provided in the room. After asking the reception for 3 times with no result, after all you can't expect a better service from a Govt. owned property, but the property is great for anyone stay. The Cab will take you to the gate of your room which is unique service available in this resort. Overall a good place for stay for anyone visiting at Araku.

26/12/2018 - From Araku to Jagdalpur by Train.
VSKP KRDL PASS (58501 - 100 - SL), 10:55 AM -16:20 PM. Night-hault at Jagdalpur.
Took an Auto of Rs. 200 to reach Naman Bastar, Chitrakote Rd, Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh 494005.
Night stay there. The property location is excellent, just beyond the city limit with a touch of nature. In addition, it has a very good garden ideal to relax. However, the maintenance appears to be not taken care of; The furniture/fixtures has outlived. Rooms are OK, service is acceptable, food is good. Per night cost Rs. 5500.

27/12/2018 – Early morning after complimentary breakfast booked a cab (Dzire) from hotel travel desk for Rs. 4500 for next day station drop and Jagdalpur sight-seeing as follows:
Kotumsar Caves - First of all, the Forest Department should be thanked for regularizing the visit to the caves using a Jeep Safary through Kanger National park. The spooky nature of the cave is still the USP. We were shown a portion by the guide (not yet opened for public) which is supposed to have a longer cave within. An awesome place to visit in Bastar. Not suitable for kids or elderly off course.
Kailash and Kotusmar Cave is not only a unique cave, but is also the second longest cave in the whole world. The cave discovered in 1993 stretches to an area of 100m.

Highlights – The uniqueness of the cave is that it can’t be accessed beyond a certain point due to lack of oxygen flow inside the deep cave. This two-kilometer-deep cave looks stunningly gigantic amidst the dense forests.
Teerathgarh Waterfalls- If there is any spot that will provide you with a combination of fun, entertainment, picnic and adventure, it is this Tirathgarh Falls at the Kanger Valley national Park. This is one of the best-known picnic spots in Jagdalpur as well.

Highlights – The most stunning waterfalls in the whole of Chhattisgarh is this waterfall, the limelight of this waterfall is that the falls over here split into multiple falls as it flows down and gives a Stunning view for the spectators. This is also an ecotourism spot as it enjoins the Kanger Valley national park. When you are done with seeing/enjoying this 300 feet fall, you can spend some spiritual time at the small temple that is located opposite to the falls over a huge rock.
Chitrakoot Waterfalls (Even-though Indravati river was not full during my visit, the Chitrakoot waterfall was still an awesome sight. We could even see a rainbow on the falls , during noon hours.
The view is equally good, if you get down to the bottom of the fall there is boating available, probably run by local folks (similar to "maid of the mist" in Niagara,US) which will take you closer to the falls (even though normal safety standards like life jackets are followed).
Bastar Tribal Museum - The museum is located on the way to Chitrakot waterfalls on your right side. Very neat and clean, well maintained. Opens 5 days in a week from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. A good collection of paintings, arms, clothing, bowl, and many used things of the tribal community of Batsar district of Chhattisgarh. Newly added Goal Gothul hut was awesome. Must visit place.
Danteswari Temple - Danteshwari Mata is the main Goddess of Bastar and has huge following of devotees. Teeth of Mata sati were found here too as per stories.
Night stay at Jagdalpur at the same hotel.

28/12/2018 – Jagdalpur to Vizag by train Kirandul Express.
The 10-hour journey consists of 58 tunnels, many bridges connecting the hills, mesmerizing scenery, emerald green eastern ghats and many sparkling waterfalls that amazed me with their beauty. I could not wink for some hours while travelling in the amazing ride maintained by Indian Railway.
KRDL VSKP Passenger (58502), 10:30 AM -20:30
Night-stay at Vizag @OYO 9210 Hotel Blak & Wite, opposite of Inox, Vizag. Per night cost Rs. 4500.

29/12/2018 – Stay at Vizag and roam.
Took a cab (Dzire) for Rs.2500 from hotel travel desk and visited the following places:
Marine aquarium - Matsyadarshini is an aquarium situated near the rk.beach there are so many varieties of fishes and is nice to see all the types of fishes and turtles and also to know about the various marine creatures .it is good and also informative to see such aquarium.
Visakha Museum - The museum in fact has two parts - a maritime museum (which to me is the USP) with a related garden, and the archaeological museum.
The maritime museum is one of a kind that showcases Indian naval prowess from ancient times to modern; fantastic displays and artefacts! At the entrance is kept an idol of the God Varuna. Remnants of PNS Ghazi and maritime artefacts ranging from ancient tablets (dated in B.C.) to models of modern warships, torpedos, submarines and aircraft deserve special mention. A garden outside with observable artillery adds to the attraction.
The archaeology museum has three parts - prehistoric, historic (mostly included an ad hoc variety including fine arts displays, stuffed animals and British artefacts), somewhat modern (ad hoc stuff including human idols depicting village life, India’s longest flag, an idol of Sachin Tendulkar, etc). Gave five stars solely due to the maritime museum.
Submarine Museum - INS Kurusura is a submarine constructed by Russians in the year 1969. It reached Visakhapatnam in 1970 via the Baltic Sea and since then served the Indian Navy.
INS Kurusura served the Indian Navy for 31 years and then it was decommissioned and turned into a museum in 2001. With a length of 91.3 meters and breadth of 8 meters, the INS Kurusura submarine played a vital role in a number of wars including the 1971 Indo-Pak war.
The INS Kurusura submarine museum at RK beach is the first submarine turned into a museum in the whole of Asia and second in the world. Various parts of the submarine like the radar room, sonar room, control room, and the weapons used during war are in display in this museum.
The museum depicts the milestones of the evolution of submarine through artifacts, photographs and written scripts. The museum showcases the life inside a submarine and hardships faced by the submariners in the sea. There are around 2 guides in the museum who explain the history and activities of the submarine in brief detail to the visitors. This well-maintained museum is a great mode of entertainment as well as knowledge and motivates youth to be a part of the elite group of Indian Navy. A must visit tourist spot in Vizag, INS Kurusura submarine museum is a matter of pride for the Indians. Closed on Monday.
Aircraft Musuem - There are two sections to the museum; a floor walk, and walk inside the actual aircraft. It is a light carrier aircraft supporting a few personnel, parachutes and light artillery.
They provide audio guide kits as an option. However the museum is itself well documented and self-explanatory.
The aircraft interior is a fantastic place to experience life of an air force / marine personnel. It may not be suitable for claustrophobic people though.
There is a small eatery cum souvenir shop, and an experience zone (entry free, but paid rides such as 3D / VR simulations are available).
Bheemili Beach - Bheemili beach is located near Bheemunipatnam, which was the second municipality in Indian mainland. Unlike RK beach or Rishikonda beach, you don't find much people here all the time. So if you want to find peace or solace, there is always Bheemili beach. Just a few kilo meters from the outskirts of Vizag, I went to this beach and had a pleasant time.
Zoological Park - Perhaps the third largest zoo in India, this awesome zoological park dedicated to the first lady prime minister of the country is located in kambalkoda reserve forest. The Park is surrounded by the serene eastern ghats on three sides and by the Bay of Bengal on the third. You can find nearly all the species found in tropical country like India. It houses many types of mammals, reptiles and even has a very good collection of birds. I would recommend this place to everyone visiting Vizag. Closed on Monday.
Kailash Giri - Kailash Giri has a beautiful park, Giant Statues of Shiva & Parvati. There is a view point called titanic view point, from where we viewed whole vizag city including sea beach.
we have availed Battery-operated Road Trains. There are 3 Coaches in the toy-train including one AC Coach. It was night and the mesmerizing view of illuminated vizag city.
Ramkrishna beach - The biggest entertainment in vizag is Ramakrishna beach. For jogging, food, roam, with family and with friends most of the ways it is good to be at RK beach. For every festival and every occasion so many programs conducted here in the beach.
VISAKHA UTSAV - A Festive celebration for people of Vizag. The three-day city festival held in Visakhapatnam on the famous RK Beach from the 28th to 30th December 2018. Alike last year, this year also Visakha Utsav host live concerts, folk & classical performances, food pagodas, barbecue pits, cooking contests, sports activities, an amusement zone, flower displays, water sports, paramotoring and much more.
Ramkrishna Kali Temple - The Kali Temple situated on Rama Krishna Beach street is a cutting edge building which structured based on the model of the skeletal structure of a coral utilizing bamboo fortified bond concrete. Built in 1984, this hallowed place of the goddess of the energy Shakti is popular for its breathtaking engineering delineating tall columns, curves and minarets. The sanctuary complex houses an office, a quarter for the cleric and a sanctuary kitchen. Contiguous the Kali sanctuary there is another sanctuary committed to Lord Siva. The uniqueness of Siva Temple is its 'rasalinga' which is made of 10 Kgs. single stone.
Night-stay at Vizag @OYO 9210 Hotel Blak & Wite.

30/12/2018 - Catched Flight. Indigo @8:25 AM and at 11:40 AM, reached Kolkata.

OldandRambling Jan 1st, 2019 22:44

Thank you for posting your trip report.

It was one of my hopes to visit Jagdalpur by train from Vizag, when I visited India, but this did not happen yet.

Your trip report will be useful to have as a guide to the sights and attractions around Vizag, Araku and Jagdalpur.


snotty Jan 2nd, 2019 18:11

Nice report. Short and precise description appreciated. :)
No photos??

kkgcom Jan 10th, 2019 18:27

few snaps
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few snaps

snotty Jan 10th, 2019 19:06

Nice.. Greedy now, want more!! :)

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