Trichy to Delhi 5 or 6 weeks Dec 11-Jan 12

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Hi all

After doing the usual lurking/trying to learn as much as I can solo, I would now greatly appreciate some advice from you wise IndiaMikers!

My partner and I will (finally!) be travelling to India late this year. A friend is getting married in Delhi on 26 December 2011 so we plan to fly into Trichy (probably from Singapore, as will have been travelling in SE Asia for a couple of weeks prior) and work our way up north in time for the wedding.

Background info
We are mid-late 20s, haven't done a heap of travel (I lived/travelled in Italy for a while and we've been to Vanuatu...and I guess by the time we arrive we will have been to SE Asia!). I'm a bollywood dancer, history major and love Indian food and culture. We would like to see those 'unmissable' sites of course, but really just want to soak up the everyday experience rather than death by sightseeing. Budget up to USD45ish a day each. Keen to travel by train and incorporate overnight trains where possible.

Any feedback or suggestions on our 'draft' itinerary would be fantastic. I am 99% sure there is currently too much in our itinerary so ideas on what to cut etc would be great.

Fly into Trichy - Early December
(back to Madurai)
overnight to Kollam
Ooty (via Coimbatore and Mettupalayam)
(back to Coimbatore)

overnight to Bangalore (mainly to get to...)
Hospet (to get to...)
(back to Hospet)
overnight to Udaipur
Bus/taxi to Jodhpur
overnight to Agra

I feel like the first section (Trichy to Kochi, even to Ooty) works pretty well, but from then on I'm a bit confused. Given the long distances from Coimbatore onwards, I don't know if there is too much time wasted travelling given our limited timeframe.

Would we be better off skipping some destinations, or even taking one flight in the middle somewhere to connect south to north a bit faster?

We are both really keen to see Tamil Nadu and Kerala so don't really want to cut south entirely if possible (I may love SRK but Prabhu Deva is a champion!)

Any recommendations about number of nights to stay at any places listed would also be a great help.

Sorry if this post is long, I am just trying to give the info suggested in 'How to get the most out of the Itinerary section'!

Many many thanks in advance if you are able to help!

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Welcome to IM Lola,

well just one thought to get this started.

Kodaikanal and Ooty are pretty much the same IMO and since you are traveling in December there's no need to escape the heat in the plains. They both are nothing special I'd say. Best part of both being the way up there, quite scenic and enjoyable. So, you could consider skipping one. If I remember right I liked the way to Ooty more I think. There's also an old "Toy Train" up there said to be quite nice.
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Thanks for your advice freemanx and for kicking things off - I was wondering about Ooty vs Kodai. The only reason we were looking at both was because it seemed like Ooty was more touristy and busy (like everywhere we are going) yet the train etc was a drawcard; whereas we might have a bit more of a chance of 'low key' at Kodaikanal. Although yes, I am aware that this is India we are talking about and people are pretty much everywhere!

You're right though, if we are struggling for time, cutting one might be a good starting point.

Looking forward to more suggestions!

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Sorry to bump...but is anyone else able to provide some advice? I would be eternally grateful!

Many thanks and regards
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Nights in Ooty can be very chilly; you'll need your fleece jacket or a warm shawl and long undies for that one!

Since you have a month to make all those stops, it's not too bad for an itinerary, but you'll have to figure out how long you want to stay in each place. Time to pick up your guidebook and figure out what you really want to see in those places.
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