Travel Itinerary - 17 days (Delhi, Varanasi, Udaipur, Goa)

#1 Nov 26th, 2010, 18:25
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First of all - Great forum and great people using it!
I have been using the forum passively for help, planning me and my girlfriends trip to India in late january to mid-february,
and there are so many great tips here!

A little info about us - We have booked a flight to Mumbai and from Dehli.
  • We would like to experience the indian culture and people, but without too much hassle
  • We have both just finished our exams when we go, therefor we have planned some relaxation in Goa in the end, but we are open to cut this one out, if it's not worth the while to go there
  • I have been thinking A LOT about going to Kashmir and Ladakh/Leh, should we cut something out and do that instead? We are used to really cold weather.

If you guys have some ideas/tips or critic of the itinerary, PLEASE say so now

Day 1: Travel + Mumbai
Day 2: Mumbai
Mumbai - Goa (night train)
Day 3: Goa
Day 4: Goa
Day 5: Goa
Day 6: Goa
Day 7: Goa - Mumbai (flight)
Mumbai - Udaipur (flight)
Day 8: Udaipur
Day 9: Udaipur
Day 10: Udaipur - New Delhi (night train)
Day 11: New Delhi - Varanasi (flight)
Day 12: Varanasi
Day 13: Varanasi
Day 14: Varanasi - Delhi (morning flight)
Day 15: Delhi - Darjeeling
Day 16: Darjeeling (and surrounding areas)
Day 17: Darjeeling (and surrounding areas)
Day 18: Darjeeling - Delhi
Day 19: Delhi (spending our last rupees)
Going home in the morning

We are really flexible, and if some of you experienced India travelleres tell us to see something completely else, we are open for all kind of tips.

Thank's in regards!
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There is a train from Udaipur to Mumbai. Spend a day or two in Mumbai and then leave for Goa from Mumbai by train.

Is Agra not a part of your itinerary?
#3 Nov 26th, 2010, 19:49
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Nov 2010
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No, not really ;-)
I am sure it's a beautiful building, but I have never been that impressed by buildings. Nature and people impress me more
Thank's for the tips about the train!

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