Train, bus or car in South India?

#1 May 29th, 2008, 16:39
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We're planning 3 weeks travelling around Southern India at the end of the year, starting in Chennai and ending in Bangalore. What is the best form of travel - buses, train, or car and driver? Are there some areas where one of these are more suitable?
Is train travel in the south ok? We've used them in the north and enjoyed the experience, but we're not sure if they are as easy to use in the south.
Do fast trains go to the major tourist areas?
Would we be better off just hiring a car and driver?
We're not sure about using the buses so I guess my question is, if you had 3 weeks to get around would you use the trains? If so which are the best? How much do drivers cost per day?
Any recommendations or itinerary tips?
Thanks for the help.
#2 May 29th, 2008, 17:22
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I wish you might be a bit more specific!

Southern India is huge, and you might find that the cost and length of a journey by car makes the train the obvious choice, or you might even choose a flight.

Without knowing where you want to go, what cities you are interested in visiting, etc etc, how can anyone even tell you which places have railway connections?
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#3 May 29th, 2008, 17:37
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Sorry, he's a little more info

We would really like to see the southern tip of India and the Keralan backwaters, possibly going up to Ooty as well. I would also like to visit the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, but are open to suggestions.

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