The countdown begins: Delhi on Jan 12th, 3-5 months, help me plan a little:)

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Aloha everyone,
cant believe its going to happen in about 6 days.
Everything is prepared, baggs pre-packed, its all good

All except for my Ininerary!

After countless plan changes (im sure your aware of by now)
I thought of the best plan so far.
This will entail a smaller portion of the unpredicatble India, less traveling, and more induldging into the riches of each place.
I would like to not freeze my butt off,
And even though im a first timer, would like to stay off the tourist path!
**For this reason, help me find a better suited path I should take, weather and non-tourist wise****


---Jan 12th:
Arrive in Delhi, and tough the cold and explore for a few days, I figgure tourism will be minimal, and a little less stressfull.

---Jan 16- Feb 1
(cold weather- Jan 16th- Feb 10)
Heading down toward Agra, and then further south Toward the the MADHYA PRADESH/CHATTISGARGH region. This entails passing through Gwalior, Jansi.

In Jansi, if the weather is cold I will go further south into the Chattishgargh region, Kanha Nation Park at Furthest, then make my way up to Khajuraho..
If the weather is pleasent I will go straight to Khajuraho.

---Early Feb-Late Feb:

Khajuharo-Varanasi- Follow in Buddhas footsteps and end up in Bodgaya.

----Late Feb- Late march:

Head to Darajeling area and from there

1) If Nepal is safe at this time I will Spend this month across Nepal ending in Uttaranchal-Upper Uttar Pradesh.

2) Otherwise enter Assam-tripura and explore for this month, perhaps a little south of Darajelling if time permits, and after all this exploring, end back at Darajeling..

----late March to Mid April.

My plane ticket is for 4-20! But I might just stay until June 10th because I can! We shall see how much I love India first!!!

1) If in the Uttaranchal area crossing Nepal, then I will Either go home, or stay until June 10th, exploring Uttaranchal-Himichal Pradesh, and Jammu!!!

2) If in the Darajeling Area, I will spend the next 2 weeks Hiking in Sikkim!
From here I either go home or if I decide to stay until Jan 10th, then I will head to Uttaranchal and go north as mentioned above!

So what do you guys think????

P.s. All those meeting up with me in Delhi get Hawaiian Host Chololates!

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