southern india in July, which itinerary?
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southern india in July, which itinerary?

Hi everyone, I posted before asking for advice on itinerary in Southern India in July. We have 9 days and our constraints are that we start from Bangalore and fly out from Mumbay. Which of the itineraries below would you recommend? (or perhaps you can suggest other possibilities as well).

Our main concerns are the weather (we don't want to get too wet), transportation (we are traveling by train and don't want to spend all the time traveling). We have decided to skip Goa because we heard the weather can be very bad. So here's the three itineraries:

A. Western coast; Bangalore- Mysore- (Tipu Sultan's palace, Somnathur temple, Sivasamudra waterfalls)- Hassan mtns, forests, Hindu and Jain temples at Belur and Halebid)- Mangalore Vijayanagar - Mumbai.

B. Eastern Coast; Bangalore- Chennai - Pondicherry - Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Madurai- Kochi - fly to Mumbai.

C. Kerala; Bangalore- Kochi or Thiruvananthapuram - hotel on the beach in Kovalam- fly to Mumbai.

thanks a lot in advance...

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| Lord of Kalinjar
I vote A. This time of year, it's a bit cooler and pleasanter on that route, plus, those places are outstanding and unique examples of indian art.
but, you can't go wrong almost anywhere in the south (except Pondicherry, I have an aversion to ashrams, but that's just me ;) )
| Lord of Kalinjar
oh, one more thing, on your time schedule, forget about Hampi and Mangalore, you'll never make it.

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