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deano2727 Nov 16th, 2018 01:38

Southern hill station itinerary advice
Hey all,

My best friend and I will arrive in Kochi early morning on the 12th of January from Goa. This will be my friends first trip to India, so I thought it would be nice to take him elsewhere than just Goa. We have a flight back to Mumbai from Kochi on the 18th.

Despite being to India countless times (and currently residing here), I've never been to Kerala (or that side of Tamil Nadu). The places I was thinking of checking out were Idukki, Munnar and Kodaikanal. We will probably take a taxi from place to place, certainly for the Initial journey from the airport and the return journey to the airport. I'm open to local transport though and my friend would be willing to experience these things as well.

I understand we don't have much time. Its just a short trip after Goa to chill out and relax after the madness of Goa. Is it possible to do all 3? Or would you cut one out? If so which would you cut out? We are both guys in our mid 20s who are looking to relax, see some nice scenery & nature and meet some other cool people by possibly staying in hostels, if that's our best bet for meeting other travelers. Which places in this region do you recommend for us?

I'm happy to take all advice and opinions in regards to transport, accommodation and things to see in this area. If you could also recommend the best areas/towns to stay in this regions, as I understand they are quite dispersed.



In hindsight and after some research, I think it would be difficult to do all three. I'm thinking of only doing two destinations now. I'd like to do Kodaikanal, but it seems tricky to link up with Kochi. Ideally, I'd be able to do Kodaikanal and one of Idukki/Munnar. I'd really appreciate any advice on my itinerary and modes of transport.

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