Shimla/Simla in February 2010
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Shimla/Simla in February 2010

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My son is going to India for two months in January 2010 and I will be joining him for two weeks in February 2010.
We are thinking of going to Shimla/Simla (what is the correct spelling?) about the 10th February for a few days.
What weather and temperatures should we expect? Will it be too cold? Will all the transport be available and hotel rooms and restaurants open?
We will be starting from Delhi and wold like to do the whole thing by train.
Any advice please.

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Welcome to India and to Indiamike.

You can do the whole thing in train. Try 2311 Kalka Mail overnight journey will bring you to Kalka... and then take the 241 Shivalik Delux from Kalka to Shimla....Prebook all the tickets.

Many hotels and resturants will find you or you find them, vice versa, in Shimla.

The correct spelling is Shimla. But Indian Railways read it as Simla (station code - SML).

It will be cold. Even you find snow. SO, be prepared. is a journey.....and the journey is more important than the destination........

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