Rajasthan Itinerary/Transportation Advice Needed...

#1 Jan 7th, 2006, 05:46
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Hi everyone,

I've been frantically querying this sight (a fantastic source of info, who needs a guidebook?!) and amassing all the information I can. I've been working on an itinerary and would love some advice on tweaking the timing, slashing some locations, and picking the best type of transport between places.

The travellers are my friend and I, twenty-something females, with a budget of about Rs 1500/day each with room to splurge. We're willing and able to fly within India but the only flight that seems to be making sense is Delhi to Jodhpur. We fly into Delhi on February 3rd and leave early in the morning on February 22nd.... so we have nineteen days.

Anyways, I've come up with the following:

1) Delhi - 3 nights - fly to Jodhpur
2) Jodhpur - 3 nights (one spent at the Manvar Desert Camp) - train to Jaisalmer
3) Jaisalmer - 3 nights (during the Desert Festival) - train to Jaipur, overnight?
4) Jaipur - 1-2 nights - train to Pushkar
5) Pushkar - 2 nights - train to Ranthambhore
6) Ranthambhore - 2 nights - Driver to Bharatpur?train? Day trip to Fathepur Sikiri
7) Bharatpur - 2 nights - Driver to Agra? Train?
8) Agra - 1 night - late afternoon train to Delhi, fly out at night

The end of the trip is looking incredibly rushed to me , I might cut out either Pushkar or Jaipur

Any and all suggestions are desired.

Thanks in advance,

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Looks like a good itinary but if you feel a littele rushed a the end I would opt for one night in Pushkar if you have full days there, Jaipur is a tourist place but therre are plenty of things not to miss so I would not miss out on it for the sake of one night, Mever been to Bharatpur maybe 1 night there I'm sure others will advise. Hope this helps some really it looks okay to me, Delhi is a place for shopping so if you are not shopping mad you could drop a night there?
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I think your itinerary is pretty solid- I am planning a similar one myself except overnight training it everywhere rather than flying.

The only thing, make sure you book your hotel in advance during the Camel festival. I read some other posts from people that asked if it was necessary and many people said absolutely! I was also told to book train journeys in advance (and in your case flight ones too). Maybe you'll be okay in later Feb, but ask- I'm definitely booking in advance but am going Jan 25- Feb 5

Other than that I agree with 1. that if you need to you could cut a day in Delhi, but also Delhi is an incredible bustling city, just depends what you want to see.

Happy Travels!
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Hi Alison - Good looking trip . . . if I were to cut-out/change anything, I'd cut Jaipur, add another day to Agra/the Taj . . . Jaipur didn't do much for me . . . Agra isn't much to sing about either, but the Taj . . . I stay a week in Agra whenever I go (five times so far) . . . just sit on the roof of my hostel, look at the Taj . . . whatever you decide, Have a Great Trip Alison. Scott
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Originally Posted by Darmabum if I were to cut-out/change anything, I'd cut Jaipur... look at the Taj . . .
i second that about jaipur. i did not care for it there, at all. but the taj, what a spectacular sight, one that i cannot wait to see again one day.
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Excellent, thanks for the comments everyone. It helps to hear what I've planned is doable.

Davey - It's nice to hear something good about Jaipur. I know it's touristy but I feel like I can't skip it, at least on my first trip.

Rimi - I have Delhi booked already and have been debating about the other places and trains as well. I think I'll have everything booked at least up to Jaisalmer since the Desert Festival will be on.

Darmabum - You've given me something to think about. I've heard Agra is such a hole that I didn't want to spend any more time there than necessary. But maybe I will base up out of there for the last few days and take the day trip to Fathepur Sikiri from Agra instead of Bharatpur.

Lotus Blossom - another Taj vote. Duly noted.

Now that I have my dates nailed I can start booking - I'm terribly excited!


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