Rajasthan Itinerary Check 21ish Days October/November
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Diwali is 27 Oct. You'll be fine. If you could arrive in India, say 24, even better as you could be in a larger town by 27morning - either jodhpur or Jaisalmer would work well. Jaipur usually gets quite busy on Diwali, I think I wrote something here on IM , will try to share the link when I can.

Ah, the English language sites have Diwali wrong, then--everything I saw said the 27th was the first day of Diwali.  But when I went to a lunar calendar, sure enough the new moon is the 27th.  I'm thinking that being in a crumbling old castle on Diwali might be interesting!

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Getting Diwali wrong is quite common. Anyways, if you can make to a bazaar town on 25/26 or 27 that'd be the best place to experience Diwali. If not Jaipur, try Jodhpur for those dates.
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Ok, thanks for everyone's help.  I've got my ticket and a bunch of hotels booked.  Here's what I've got for an itinerary:

Day 1--Land Delhi, Train to Churu (Oct. 26)

Day 2--Go to Mahansar (Oct. 27-Diwali)

Day 3--Go to Fatehpur Shekewati

Day 4--Shekawati, afternoon train to Jaisalmer (Weekly train so kinda stuck for this travel date)

Day 5--Jaisalmer

Day 6--Jaisalmer

Day 7--Jaisalmer/Evening train to Jodhpur

Day 8--Jodhpur

Day 9--Jodhpur

Day 10--Jodhpur/Evening Train to Bera

Day 11--Bera (Leopard Safari)

Day 12--Drive to Udaipar via Ranakpur

Day 13--Udaipar

Day 12--Udaipar

Day 13--Udaipar to Bundi by train, stopover in Chittaugarh.

Day 14--Bundi

Day 15--Go to Jhalawar (Train or car TBD)

Day 16--Jhalawar (Chandrabhaga Fair)

Day 17--Jhalawar/Evening train to Ranthambore

Day 18--Ranthambore (2 safaris)

Day 19--Train to Agra--time TBD.  Would like to see Taj at sunset though.

Day 20--Taj in morning, Fatehpur Sikri afternoon, travel to Delhi airport hotel

Day 21--Fly home

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Your itinerary is looking good, but just out of curiosity, When your flight lands in Delhi, you're taking this train to Churu the same day. How long do you have between the flight & train? And also, Delhi train stations - remember to ignore anyone who approaches you and ask to see your ticket, they're probably up to no good :)
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Yes; flight lands at 1:55 AM and the trains are at 7:22 and 8:57 from Delhi Cantt.

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It looks fine but have my doubts over
Day 13--Udaipar to Bundi by train, stopover in Chittaugarh.

The visit to the main monuments in the fort area takes half a day. This makes it necessary to leave Udaipur with the 12991 train that starts at 6 AM.
Furthermore due to the fort's substantial size you need some sort of transport to get around. Of course you can hire this at the station of Chittaurgarh.

A more comfortable and flexible option is to hire a car in Udaipur, use it around the fort and end with a drop at the station or eventually Bundi (about 200 km).
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Ok, good to know.  I'm 50/50 on going to Chittaugarh...I'll see how fort-ed out I am by then.  Maybe stay longer in Udaipar or just go straight to Bundi.

Pretty excited about Rathambore--just got a Zone 3 (morning) and Zone 4 (evening) ticket for my safari day there through the government website.  Pretty easy and only 1,714 Rupees per safari.

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