Question about where to go for summer (north, north-west)

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Hey guys, I've been lurking on this forum for the last few days but I decided to make an account and post today!

I am just curious about places to go during the summer in India. I am flying into Delhi at the beginning of June and will be staying in India for 2 months (leaving from Delhi as well). Originally I was planning on filling my 2 months with Rajasthan first, then heading up to the northern states to places like Ladkah and Shimla for my second month.

The problem is that I hear Rajasthan gets way too hot for the summer, so now I am considering skipping it entirely. I've heard a lot of great things so I am a bit hesitant about giving it up. I'm even considering just bearing the heat and going anyways. Nevertheless, I was wondering if you guys have better suggestions?

Personally, I don't want to head too far down south because I'm keen on seeing the northern states. I've thought about Meghalaya and Darjeeling but it seems like too much distance for a 2 month trip (don't know too much about those places as well).

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you essay
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Are you a member of the Philzone???

And head north as it's frying down south.
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