Opinions/suggestions appreciated for my 6 month India/Nepal/Bangladesh itinerary
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Opinions/suggestions appreciated for my 6 month India/Nepal/Bangladesh itinerary

Hi everyone,

My husband and I (two 50+ year old) are planning a 6 month trip to India/Nepal/Bangladesh starting in mid-October, 2009.

We have a flexible schedule and have planned for approximately:
- Nepal (6 to 7 weeks)
- Bangladesh (2 to 3 weeks)
- India (3 months)

We would like to go to Nepal first (because of weather for some trekking)for about 6 weeks.

My question is, after Nepal, which of the following should we do ?

A) Nepal - Bangladesh - South India - North India
B) Nepal - Bangladesh - North India - South India
C) Nepal - North India - South India - Bangladesh

Should we skip Bangladesh and spend more time in India ?

Please take a look at the attached document with the three itineraries and give me some suggestions (any suggestion is welcome, not restrictive to itinerary).


(Many thanks to "BOND007" from a previous post for a list of places in India to visit, which I have incorporated into my itineraries).

Thank you.

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Which trek are you doing in Nepal? I ask because 6 weeks is quite a long time to spend in Nepal, unless you want to go to the far out places such as the parks at Toshi Kappu and Sukla Phanta (the latter is great in Oct/Nov). Doing the long treks like EBC or Annapurna Sanctuary is still going to leave you with a lot of time in Nepal. I love Nepal but there is a lot more in India to keep you going over 6 weeks.

I would also recommend keeping Bangladesh in as its a beautiful country in its own right.

Itinerary wise, I'd go with Option C
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ya, puppydogben has a good point... Maybe you guys are doing two treks in Nepal... 6 weeks is plenty of time in Nepal for one trek...

I would go with either A or C if you don't want to end your travels in South India.

After your trek, the weather in India will be gr8... so that shouldn't decide the route for you... Make sure you have a couple of days of rest planned every few weeks in such a long iterinary... especially after the trek

Have Fun...
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Plizzaaa - If you are doing the Annapurna Circuit route do please try and make sure that you use a company that has seriously knowledgeable trekking guides.
I don't know if you are aware but the old Circuit route is now joined up with the newly built road, meaning that a lot of the old trail is no more equivalent than to walking along a highway. Don't despair though - there are many variations of the trek, with sub-trails all over the place, meaning that while you may still sleep in the same places as the other trekkers doing the old route, if your guide is good enough, he will be able to show you alternate routes during the day.
The 6 week Nepal itinerary you showed before... (not sure where it is now!) works great with visits to Lumbini. 6 weeks is a great amount of time if you are doing the Annapurna Circuit.

If you need any more advice, post here or send my a personal message...

Happy trekking!
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ps just for the record, my original reply talked about visiting Toshi Kappu Wildlife park - this should be Koshi Tappu of course! oops.
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Thanks, everyone


Thank you everyone for your responses and for your tips about the new Annapurna Circuit.

For my 6 weeks in Nepal, this is my plan:
- Delhi to Lumbini (2 days)
- Lumbini - (2 days)
- Pokhara - (4 days) hire guide, get permit, sight-seeing, etc.
- Trek - Annurpurna Circuit - (20 days ?)
- Pokhara - (4 days) rest
- Chitwan (3 days)
- Kathmandu (5 days)
- Kathmandu valley (1 week)

There is also another itinerary that I might try:

Nepal - North India (Golden Triangle, Agra to Varanasi to Kolkata - Bangladesh - Kolkata to South India.

Again, thanks for your tips and I will keep watching this forum.
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Plizzaa, you sound like you've got a pretty solid plan in place.

In case you need some guides, I've been having some very fruitful conversations with Jagat at Independent Trekking Nepal, a company run by Nepalese guides and porters.
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um from bangladesh..we,frns(5/6) wanna make visit darjeeling n nepal in mid february,2011..if it posbl den shilong also...the thing z..we dont have enough information..plz give some info about

2.living,eating,transportion,visit cost
3.The way
4.visiting spot
5.way of less cost
6.how many dayz should we stay to cover evry important places ?

thank u

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