Northern India - train advice needed

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Sorry to be a bother but you seem like the guys in the know when it comes to trains and india.

I'm pretty much calm about going out to india on my own, but when it comes to trying to sort out trains, I seem to get into a panic. I logged into the train website and managed to get 2 train journies booked. It took me the good part of a whole day but somehow managed to do it..

But I didn't manage to get into the ladies quota, so will be travelling in mixed carriages, which i dont mind for day but am a bit dubious about for an overnight journey.

So before I ramble on too much, my question to you would be, should I wait till I get to india before i try to book my other train trips?

The plan is that I fly in on the 2nd of september.

Dehli (2 nights), booked an early morning train to
Agra (2)
Jaipur(2), booked a 10.45 morning train
Bikaner (2)
Varanasi (4)
Dehli(2.5) fly out

I have 2 days left, which i'm keeping for any additional travel...

Firstly, do you think this is doable? I'd like to book onto overnight trains for most of the other routes... do trains run from/to these destinations...

Would you suggest any other mode of transport between the cities, i'm going into a little panic while writing this. .

Any help or advice would be greatly appriciated.

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I will try to do a full reply to this in the morning, but my suggestions will probibly work out something like....

Agra (inc Fatehpur Sikri)
then overnight train from Bharatpur to...
Udaipur (then overnight train to)
Jaipur (bus to)
Ajmer/Pushkar (daytime train to)
Jodhpur (then overnight train to)
Jaisalmer (bus to)
Then poorly timed overnight train and bus to...
Amritsar (then long train journey to)
Varanasi (then overnight train to)
#3 Aug 19th, 2005, 09:48
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A couple of minor problems with the itinerary, you do not want to make a direct trip from Amritsar to Varanasi, below is the best option for this route: -

Amritsar - Varanasi.

Train 3006 departs Amritsar daily at 18:20 and gets to Varanasi at 16:35 the following day.

Train 3005 departs Varanasi daily at 10:05 and gets to Amritsar at 09:05 the following day.

1A = Rs 3008
2A = Rs 1583
3A = Rs 1009
SL = Rs 369
When you take into account the journey from Bikaner to Amritsar, the above option may just be too much.

The only reasonable train routes to Udaipur are from Jaipur, Delhi, Mathura or Bharatpur, other routs would require long bus rides.

So, bearing in mind the above, the following is probably the route I'd take.

Delhi - Varanasi

The following are the best-timed overnight trains. (Assuming you want to travel overnight)

Train 2560 departs New Delhi daily at 18:25 and gets to Varanasi Jn at 07:30.

Train 2562 departs New Delhi daily at 20:40 and gets to Varanasi Jn at 08:45.

Both trains will cost: -

1A = Rs 2395
2A = Rs 1272
3A = Rs 826
SL = Rs 313

Varanasi - Agra

Train 4863 departs Varanasi (Tu, Th, F, & Su.) at 18:15 and gets to Agra Fort at 06:10.

2A = Rs 1073
3A = Rs 690
SL = Rs 256

Train 4853 departs Varanasi (M, W, & Sa.) at 17:20 and gets to Agra Fort at 06:10.

2A = Rs 1119
3A = Rs 719
SL = Rs 266

About 35 kms from Agra is Fatehpur Sikri, try to go there, a further 25 kms from Fatehpur Sikri is Bharatpur (click for photo), I would suggest you use one of your spare days at Bharatpur, after Delhi, Varanasi & Agra you will need a bit of relaxation.

Bharatpur - Udaipur

Train 2963 departs Bharatpur daily at 23:08 and gets to Udaipur at 08:30.

1A = Rs 1977
2A = Rs 1057
3A = Rs 691
SL = Rs 265

Udaipur - Jaipur

Train 2966 departs Udaipur daily at 20:30 and gets to Jaipur at 06:00.

2A = Rs 999
3A = Rs 655
SL = Rs 252

Jaipur - Ajmer/Pushkar

I would just get a bus for this journey, it is a good road and a short journey, there should be loads of buses departing at all hours of the day.

Ajmer/Pushkar - Jodhpur

Train 2JA departs Ajmer daily at 14:25 and gets to Jodhpur at 19:50.

CC = Rs 279

Jodhpur - Jaisalmer

All trains run daily.

Train 4059 Jodhpur 06:45, Jaisalmer 13:30, (2A, 3A, SL,)
Train 4810 Jodhpur 23:15, Jaisalmer 05:15, (3A, SL,)

2A = Rs 635
3A = Rs 411
SL = Rs 157

Jaisalmer - Bikaner

Bus is the only option unless you can find someone to share the cost of a taxi.

Bikaner - Amritsar

No great options here.

Option 1

Makhu is 60 Kms. south of Amritsar (connected by highway 15, so there should be plenty of buses).

Train 9111 departs Bikaner daily at 01:45, and gets to Makhu at 11:03.

2A = Rs 840
SL = Rs 203

Option 2

Train 4710 departs Bikaner daily at 17:50 and gets to Delhi (Sarai Rohilla) at 05:40.

FC = Rs 610
SL = Rs 203

Train 2029 departs New Delhi daily (2031 on Wednesdays) at 07:20 and gets to Amritsar at 13:10.

EC = Rs 1165
CC = Rs 595

Amritsar - Delhi

Train 2014 departs Amritsar daily at 05:10 and gets to New Delhi at 11:05. (EC, CC.)
Train 2926 departs Amritsar daily at 07:45 and gets to New Delhi at 16:30. (1A, 2A, 3A, SL.)
Train 2030 departs Amritsar daily (2032 on Wednesdays) at 17:00 and gets to New Delhi at 22:50. (EC, CC.)
Train 2904 departs Amritsar daily at 21:30 and gets to New Delhi at 07:25. (1A, 2A, 3A, SL.)

EC = Rs 1165
1A = Rs 1843
2A = Rs 988
3A = Rs 648
CC = Rs 595
SL = Rs 250

Classes of travel on Indian trains.

1A = First Class air-conditioned (AC1)
2A = 2 Tier air-conditioned (AC2)
3A = 3 Tier air-conditioned (AC3)
FC = First Class NOT air-conditioned
EC = Executive chair class, air-conditioned
CC = Chair class, air-conditioned
SL = Sleeper Class, NOT air-conditioned
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Thank you very much for your reply.... this seems as perfect as it can get... now to try and sort out refunds for the 2 tickets I did manage to book.. this should be fun


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