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Alter May 29th, 2008 22:17

North in August...the standards plus??
A first post so...I will start with many thanks to the experienced old hands and an apology for such a basic question. I have done some searching but I am looking for some fresh perspectives.

I will travel with my wife and 6 year old son in August, arriving and departing from Delhi.

We are now thinking of

We would like to add one more destination and I would appreciate anyone's advice.

How about adding Kathmandu?
Or somewhere in Sikkim?

zoltan May 30th, 2008 09:09

I'd suggest you drop Udaipur if you want to include Kmd.

You could go:
Delhi => Kathmandu => Varanasi => Agra => Delhi.


unclelach May 30th, 2008 10:18

Alter, the most frequently visited city extra to those you list is Jaipur. Jaipur is very easily reached by train from Delhi and has good connections to other places in Rajasthan eg Udaipur.

I suggest your extra destination be another Rajasthan town, Pushkar via Ajmer which has the closest train. Pushkar is a small and charming place but like other places in north India during August is likely to be hot and wet.

Your itinerary indicates you will be spending several nights in long distance train travel. You could have a very good holiday just in the four cities you mention and take day car trips from each one if you exhaust the central sights.

Alter Jul 24th, 2008 19:09

Just a follow-up to say that we have decided to hire a car/driver for the following tour:

Ranakpur and Kumbalgarh enroute to Udaipur.

Hoping the weather is kind to us.

I really appreciate all of the great knowledge on this forum! I spent hours lurking and searching around while preparing. Thanks!

Any last-minute advice would be appreciated!

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