New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur (Ranthambore) and Varanasi - 9/10 days

#1 Nov 21st, 2012, 03:34
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Hello all!

I'm planing a travel do India at least for 9 days.
I'll have to use New Delhi as my start and end city (because of my flights).

For now I've this itinerary:

-1 day: arriving at New Delhi (after lunch) and enjoying the rest of the day.
- 2 day: all New Delhi
- 3 day: going early to Agra where I'll pass the day and leave late for Varanasi.
- 4 day: Arriving early in Varanasi and seeing the city for the rest of the day.

-5 day: Continue seeing Varanasi. Going at 18:15 by train to Jaipur
- 6 day: Arriving early in Jaipur and seeing the city
- 7 day: Going to Ranthambore for the day.
- 8 day: Checking the rest of Jaipur, going late to New Delhi.
- 9 day: New Delhi, maybe some shopping and getting in the plane.

I've some doubts about the itinerary, is that enough time in Varanasi (is not even 2 full days), maybe I should try to stay there for another day, is worth it?
Or if I can get one more day should I go and try to check some other city?

Thank you!
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Try Delhi to Varanasi (overnight train at end of day 2), then Varanasi to Agra, Agra to Ranthambhore, then to Jaipur and back to Delhi.

Consider going direct from Jaipur to Delhi airport, it's a good road, maybe 4 hours travel time, though double check this time.
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When do you plan to travel? Northern India can be affected by severe fog at times between about now and mid-February. This can cause severe disruption to transport. You have very little margin to compensate for a problem on your itinerary.
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Thank you for the replies.

I'm planing to travel on April (second half).
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regarding your itienary, Varansi is fine for 2 days- you will be able to see & discover many things. Yes if you want to spend more time near bays of serene ganges river, you can do that. I suggest 2 days are fine for Varanasi.
I have some suggestion regarding 7th & 8th day- you plan to cover Ranthambore in a single day. Ranthambore is roughly 2.5 hrs away from jaipur and during this time there are 2 slots of Jungle safari 7 am-10.30 & then in the afternoon 2-5 PM. Make sure you book your safari in advance online, else there will be long que. Visit rajasthanwildlife site (check on google)
There are plenty to explore in Jaipur & loads of things for shopping especially if you are fond of articraft items.
Rest looks fine depends upon your taste; Varansi is ancient religious city- crouded & little untidy whereas jaipur is historic & advance as compared to Varanasi. So in my view, save a day in Varansi and spend in Jaipur.
All the best

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