Need to know if my plans are too ambitious

#1 Aug 5th, 2005, 10:22
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Hey all, I booked a plane ticket in July and arrive in Mumbai on Sept 15 and leave from Mumbai on Oct 12 (27 days). I have been reading EVERY tour book I can get my hands on and also have read most of the posts on this site and a few others.I have a rough plan, but I am not sure how many days to spend in each place.
My tentative plan is (with guesses as too how much time I will need)

Udaipur (Will there be water in the lake at this time?)
Dehli (Should I even bother going here?)
Fatehpur Sikri
Goa if possible

I planned to take the trains, but could fly if I absolutely had to. I have considered fly from Mumbai to Udaipur and/or also from Varanasi to Goa/Mumbai

Also, can anyone recommend an ashram to stay at for a few days somewhere along the way.

Any and all recommendations for day trips from these places or on the way to would be great.

My only requirement is that I be back in Mumbai by the 11th.
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Not too bad for a month but feel free to cut a bit out if you want to stay a bit at some convivial place. Flying will help for some of the long hauls. Agra and Fatehpur Sikri take a couple of days and you may not be inclined to stay overlong. Udaipur is one of my favorites and we just heard here that there is water in the lake. An ashram for a quickie enlightenment is your business. Goa is a bit off the route but a budget that include air can adjust a lot. Delhi comes in for a lot of bad press as a big city but it is a part of the quintessential India experience. IMHO, Varanasi could be skipped. Just say once you have seen one body burning you have seen them all. Its a typical pilgrimage town with all that that implies, reminds me of Agra..
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You can drop Delhi conveniently, since you are not going to the Northern parts.

Goa is really far from Varanasi. You must cover Goa, when you land at Bombay. You must either do it before Ajanta Ellora or after.
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I agree with above: by cutting Varanasi & Goa you can have a better look at the amazing rest of your route. There's lots to see in the area around Udaipur, and Ajanta/Alora takes several days, as does Delhi.
Oh, and my condolences to the losses your Ohio lads have suffered in Iraq this week
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Thanks for the advise, but I really want to keep Varanasi. Goa is goan

I was thinking of reversing my schedule so that I start in mumbai, then go to Varanasi and work my way west. I am a history buff, so I want to see a lot of monuments at leasure, So how about this one.

Mumbai (2 days leave on 2nd day)
Ajanta/Ellora (I can skip out on these if I must) 1 day then train to
Varanasi ( arrive on the 5 or 6th day of trip & stay for 4 days)
Khajuraho (2 Full days) 11th, 12th, or the 13th day)
agra (3 days with a day trip to Fatehpur Sikri) Leave on roughly day 15-18

Either Dehli or Jaipur or Udaipur (This is where I really want help as I am not sure where I will have enough time to make it worthwhile to go to them all.)


Hows that sound? The time frame is extremely variable. I have read the train posts, but still am not all that clear. I need to sit down and check the time that the trains are.
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The following is an option; I can provide all train/plane info.

(overnight train to Aurangabad)

Ajanta & Ellora caves
(overnight train from Bhusaval to Jhansi)

(daytime bus or shared jeep to Khajuraho)

(bus to Mahoba takes 3 hours, bus to Satna 4 hours)
(overnight train from Mahoba or Satna to Varanasi)

(overnight train to Agra)

Agra/Fatehpur Sikri
(morning train to Jaipur)

(overnight train to Udaipur)

(daytime bus or overnight train to Ahmedabad)

(daytime bus to Diu)

(fly direct to Mumbai US$105)

Diu is a small ex Portuguese Island off the coast of Gujarat, it is a great little place with some nice beaches and the cheapest booze in India, it is a very laid back place and I would highly recommended the place.

Although Ahmedabad is only a place you need to pass through to get from Rajasthan to Diu, it has it's charms, the Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi's ashram) is a must see, also the markets are fascinating, the people are fantastically friendly and the vegetarian food is the best I've had in India.
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the ahmedabad diu road via bhavnagar is pretty much fixed and good now. By car it took me 6 hours (fast driving?..YES) yesterday.

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