Need help with 3 weeks itinerary in North India

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Hi All,

I'm wondering if I could get some help here with my itenerary below. I'm planning to visit India this November by myself. It's my first trip and I'm already very excited and a little bit anxious

Originally wanted to spend 2 weeks in North covering Rajasthan and then move to South for 1 week to go to Mumbai and Goa. But since I also want to experience the hill station and Golden Temple in Amritsar so I decided to drop the plan to South.

Basically I've got 20 days in India. Here's my itenerary:

Day 1 New Delhi
Day 2 New Delhi - Shimla Morning Train
Day 3 Shimla
Day 4 Shimla - Manali Bus
Day 5 Manali
Day 6 Manali - Mcleod Ganj Bus
Day 7 Mcleod Ganj
Day 8 Mcleod Ganj - Amritsar Bus
Day 9 Amritsar
Day 10 Amritsar - New Delhi Overnight Train
Day 11 New Delhi - Agra Morning Train
Day 12 Agra - Jaipur Train / Bus
Day 13 Jaipur
Day 14 Jaipur - Bikaner Train / Bus
Day 15 Bikaner - Jaisalmer Train / Bus
Day 16 Jaisalmer
Day 17 Jaisalmer - Jodhpur Train / Bus
Day 18 Jodhpur - Udaipur Train / Bus
Day 19 UdaiPur - New Delhi Train
Day 20 New Delhi & Fly back at night

My questions are:
1. is the itenerary above looks ok and possible to do? Any recommendation is much appreciated !
2. What's the best way to travel around Rajasthan? By Bus or Train? Is it easy to book a bus or train ticket a day before the trip or has to be booked few days in advanced? or should I just hire a car with driver? Does the driver can act as guide? What's your recommendation?
3. How much should I budget per day including accomodation, transport, food and attraction entrance fee? I'm looking to spend the nights in at least 3 star hotels which I believe should be clean and comfortable enough.
4. Any tips to make my trip enjoyable and safe ?

Thanks in advance !

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Welcome to India Mike.

You are trying to fit an awful iot in - too much if you ask me. If it's your first trip I suggest an extra night in Delhi at the start just to help you get your bearings. Udaipur is a long way to go for what is effectively a day trip. Part of the attraction is the relaxed ambience of the city - difficult to appreciate at the pace you are going. I have no doubt that you will get plenty of other comments

Booking trains at short notice can be problematic. Read Post #1 on this thread.
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nice itinerary......but very fast forward....keep a day more to delhi to relax yourself in mid.
but for me it's good......some day i will try it too....
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I would suggest a small change. Go to Jaipur direct from Amritsar. There are trains connecting both the cities. However they do not run every day of the week. If there is a train on the day you will leave from Amritsar for Jaipur.

While returning see Agra and then fly home from Delhi.
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In this thread are, despite the title, some alternatives by bus/train from Amritsar to Bikaner.

From there you ca travel Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur , Agra, Delhi

But I think you want to cover to much.
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Thank you all for the feedback. Much appreciated !

I understand that the trip will be very rush given most of time I will only have one day to cover one city/town, but providing that I've only got 3 weeks leave and I want to explore and see lot places so I'll give it a go

I've changed my itenerary a little bit after reading some suggestion. There's no direct train from Amritsar to Jaipur so from Amritsar, I'm now heading to Makhu by Bus in the morning and then from Makhu to Bikaner by train in the afternoon and arrive in Bikaner midnight 00:30. My concerns are
1. is it safe for me solo traveller to be around at midnight in the train station? is there still taxi or auto rickshaw available to get me to the hotel?
2. Waste one day on the road just to get me from Amritsar to Bikaner

Day 1 New Delhi
Day 2 New Delhi
Day 3 New Delhi - Kalka - Shimla
Day 4 Shimla
Day 5 Shimla - Manali
Day 6 Manali
Day 7 Manali - Mcleod Ganj
Day 8 Mcleod Ganj
Day 9 Mcleod Ganj - Dharamsala - Amritsar
Day 10 Amritsar
Day 11 Amritsar - Makhu - Bikaner
Day 12 Bikaner - Jaisalmer
Day 13 Jailsalmer
Day 14 Jailsalmer - Jodhpur
Day 15 Jodhpur
Day 16 Jodhpur - Pushkar - Ajmer
Day 17 Ajmer - Jaipur
Day 18 Jaipur
Day 19 Jaipur - Fatehpur Sikri - Agra
Day 20 Agra - Delhi
Day 21 Delhi

I have not included Udaipur on the list anymore due to time restriction.

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Originally Posted by Dave W View Post Effendy

Welcome to India Mike.

I suggest an extra night in Delhi at the start just to help you get your bearings.
Personally i disagree,for most first-timers Delhi can be very overwhelming & freak them out a bit,most just want to escape,Shimla is a good place to do that much more relaxed. If you want an extra day in Delhi which i do recommend then save it until the end,when you'll be able to appreciate Delhi & enjoy it in a much more relaxed manner. Most people hate Delhi on arrival but love it when they return.KK
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