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Jyotirmaya May 23rd, 2017 12:38

Kulu Manali Leh Ladakh Itinerary for 7,8 days from Delhi
We are a group of 5 members We will reach at Delhi airport on 9th June at 23.30. We want to visit Kulu Manali & Leh Ladakh. What should be the Itinerary ? 1. Should we visit Manali first then Manali to Leh or Should we Go Leh first then Manali ?
2. Whats the advantages of the Route Delhi-Jammu-Sri Nagar-Kargil - Leh ? Why do people follow this route insted of Manali to Leh then return on same path ?

Our return flight to Bhubaneswar is on June 18th Morning at Delhi, so we should reach Delhi on 17th June. so what should be the itinerary ?
We want to cover all the famous spots

new_traveller May 23rd, 2017 14:03

I will give a short reply as you can find more info in existing threads.
1. Acclimatization is better from the Srinagar route if you compare it with the Manali route.
2. If you taking the Manali route then you will eventually visit Manali first.

NonIndianResident May 28th, 2017 11:59

8 or 9 days is not enough to go all the way to Ladakh via Manali, and then back to Delhi.

aarosh May 28th, 2017 12:26

If you travel by road from Srinagar to Leh or Manali to Leh you will need 2 days. So if you plan to travel by road 4 days will be spent in traveling to and from Leh. So you will have only 4-5 days to see Leh and Manali. So either skip Manali or skip Leh and stick to Himachal Pradesh only.

Even if you take a flight from Delhi to Leh you will have to spend a minimum of 2 days to get acclimatized.

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