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Alekhya Kalluri Dec 27th, 2018 19:11

Kolhapur Shirdi Dwarka Nageshwar and Somnath trip advice
Hi Team,

Hope all are doing great :). I am new to this forum and I need some trip advice to plan my trip.

We are 5 including my parents and planning to visit shiridi,kolhapur,dwaraka,nages hwar and somnath during first week of march 2019.

day 1) planning to take flight from chennai to pune and finish kolhapur darshan by hiring taxi from pune and move to shirdi from there and night halt in shirdi.

day 2) early morning finish darshan and move to pune via taxi and catch flight to ahmedabad and book taxi to dwaraka and night halt in dwaraka

day 3) finish all nearby temples in dwaraka including nageswar and after evening aarthi catch train by 8:30 to somnath

day 4) finis darshan in somnath and all nearby temples there and catch train from veravel by 9:30 pm and arrive in ahmedabad next day morning and return flight to chennai.

Kindly advice me if any other easiest plan is possible apart from the one which i made.:confused:

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snotty Dec 27th, 2018 19:29

Well you will have to look at other plans, because your plan seems like one out of Mission Impossible.

Do note, Pune to Kolhapur - will be atleast 5 hours, unless you get the driver that I had last time I was there and he took 3.5. (hoping you don't get him!) So to reach Shirdi at night you will be travelling around 16 hours of that day.
Ahmedabad to Dwarka is around 8 -10 hours - atleast.

Day 3 and day 4 are the only days that seem ok to me. The rest is a blip on the radar and gone!
I wonder why do you want to visit in the first place - if it is only to tick it off from your list. Have a look at the photos and tick them off - we will accept it under virtual visit record!

Alekhya Kalluri Dec 27th, 2018 19:33

My mother wants to visit these places and and we had a very short time to plan as my brother is coming from australia and need to return back quickly so am stuck and having no clue how to plan and found this forum just now while searching online thinking it might be a saviour for my trip plan.

snotty Dec 27th, 2018 20:38

kolhapur shiridi dwarka nageshwar and somnath trip advice
You are planning something which is very exhausting, even for the taxi person. Fatigue can cause problems as well.

See if you can add one day.

Give me some time, will check this again.

ETA - saw this again, days 1 and 2 are insane. Skip either Shirdi or Kolhapur if you are unable to add a day there.

Alekhya Kalluri Dec 27th, 2018 20:59

yeah everyone will be exhausted as u said..thinking to change the plan to these places and plan somnath dwaraka some other time without rushing.

I am thinking to plan a trip to shiridi,kolhapur,aurangabad,pa rli and pandharpur..any suggestions on this trip from chennai :(

aarosh Dec 27th, 2018 22:10

Why Aurangabad? For Grishneshwar?

Logical route would be Pune - Shirdi - Aurangabad - Parli - Pandarpur - Kolhapur.

How do you plan to move between cities?

Alekhya Kalluri Dec 27th, 2018 23:12

Yes for Grishneshwar only.

Regarding the transport i should prefer taxi and if any train facilities are available i can go for it.

From aurangabad to parli i could see train availability at 8:50 pm which arrives parli by 2 am, pune to shirdi i will book taxi and from shirdi to aurangabad need to the same if bus/train facility is not available frequently.

Could you suggest me the transportation from parli-pandharpur-kolhapur..which would be the better one.

aarosh Dec 27th, 2018 23:31

If you want to visit all the places in the number of days that you have it is better if you book a cab for the entire duration. Public transport run on their specified timings and then again you would need to depend of taxi or auto to reach the places that you want to see.

Even then it is will be very tiring. Also do ensure that you are giving the driver sufficient rest (at least a minimum of 7 hours during the night). The passengers can afford to sleep during the ride the driver can not.

Alekhya Kalluri Dec 28th, 2018 16:49

thank you aarosh..any recommedations for taxi booking? i mean any travel agencies or websites to check.

RahulDeva Dec 28th, 2018 17:25

Are you googling the names of places and adding them to your itinerary?
Both Parli and Pandharpur are off route and will add to your travel time.

snotty Dec 28th, 2018 17:36

Sacred temples there RD. Parli Vaijnath and Pandharpur temples may be on the list that her mother may want to see.

Alekhya Kalluri Dec 28th, 2018 18:38

we are planning to visit the temples there not just adding to my list

RahulDeva Dec 29th, 2018 08:44


Originally Posted by snotty (Post 2112765)
Sacred temples there RD. Parli Vaijnath and Pandharpur temples may be on the list that her mother may want to see.

I know but as they are off route and differ from each other so just asked.

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