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jarosity Aug 24th, 2003 16:22

kerala/tamil nadu/karnataka 1 month...
hey everyone,
right now i'm about a month into a 2 month trip here, and i'm sitting at a computer in bangalore. i need some advice.

in the span of 26 days....
1) where are the best places in tamil nadu to go (temples)
2) where are the best places in kerala
3) and what are the best places in western karnataka to go on my way back north to bombay (sept 20)?

should i skip on of these places? we only have limited time really and although temples are great, i don't want to see all of them, i like trees and oceans a lot. peace,


cookiemonster Aug 24th, 2003 23:09

In Kerala I would recomend you vist:
-Kannur (plenty of Ocean!),
-Periyar Wildlife reserve (plenty of trees) and
-Kottayam (quieter than Cohin) where it could be a good place for the backwaters.

But then again, these are just personal preferences! But with these three you'll probably get a good taste of Kerala. Having said that, you could easily spend the 26 days in Kerala alone! :D

bijapuri Aug 25th, 2003 00:02

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for Karnataka, hop over to Srirangatatna from where you are, then over to Hassan for Belur and Halebid. I would not bother with Mysore, in the interest of time, Skip Srirangapattnem if you are really pressed, or just day trip it on the way to Hassan

on my way north to Mumbai I would go to Hampi, Badami and Bijapur (well, I must like that place, huh?) Skip Badami for time management

Tamil Nadu, well, so many temples from which to choose, but from B-lore, Tiruchi would be an easy overnighter on the train, and from there, you can visit Tanjavur on a day trip, then hit Madurai on your way to Kerala, going through the game park of Periyar.
Skip Madurai for time mgmt. if you must, as Tiruchi/Tanjavur will give you a sample of the Tamil Temple experience, and unless you have been many times to India and know the secret handshake, you wont get into the heart of Madurai anyway, whereas the others have no restrictions . . . yet (behave!)

All this is a lot of travel, so take care of yourself and just see what you can. It'll be there on your next trip (If it isn't nuked)


bijapuri Aug 25th, 2003 00:04

image- Tanjavur

wonderwomanusa Aug 25th, 2003 07:20


bijapuri Aug 25th, 2003 08:03

by your reply, I am thinking madam has yet to be seeing this place, isn't it??

wonderwomanusa Aug 25th, 2003 10:40

Not yet, but it's on my itinerary now! Thank you!


thehiddengod Aug 25th, 2003 14:15

Karnataka --- Dharmastala.... Shringeri... Mangalore...

Has anyone beern here ??

tharavadu Nov 30th, 2003 13:58

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