Jhansi to Jaipur!

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Hi folks!

We are making a small trip in North India coming January, and in the middle part of our trip we want to go to Jaipur from Khajuraho.. We will stay overnight in Orchha, and then move from there to Jaipur. We would have already seen Agra on the way down, so we do not want to stop there, but just shoot into Rajasthan straight from Orchha (or Jhansi).

So, basically - we want to go from Jhansi to Jaipur.

We figured out one way - going from Jhansi to Gwalior by car rental and then taking a train from Gwalior to Jaipur (Gwalior Udaipur express) which reaches Jaipur around 10 pm and leaves Gwalior around 3:45 pm. which is really convenient.

Questions now:

1. Does anyone know how the bus service from Jhansi to Gwalior is?

How frequent it is and how long does it take?

2. Also, if we have to rent a car from Jhansi to Gwalior, it will take less time surely - but what would be the cost for 3 people? And how is the road between these two places?

Hope to receive some clarification !

Thanks in advance!

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Hm, let's see; I did Gwalior-Orchha by taxi earlier this year, which is (just a little) further, will have paid some Rs. 1,000 by myself, one-way. Possibly 1200 or so, but I don't think it was much more than 1000; or less even, maybe.

You essentially hire the car btw, how many people you want to cram in there is up to you. It depends a little how well you know your way around and stuff, of course, they might try and get more out of you if you are more people. (And then this general reasoning will again be balanced out by their reasoning that more weight so all of you and your luggage = more fuel used, and, well.)

And then prices may have risen since, and whatnot; but it may give you something to go on. I guess Gwalior-Orchha will have been another typical ride of some 3 hours; 2 maybe, I really don't recall. Jhansi should be swifter (or a little, then), and so you ought to be paying less really. But with the three of you, I guess I'd settle for around a thousand if you can't bring it down without a lot of fuss. Maybe aim at a little under it.

You may find things work rather differently for you, btw; I guess I can say I've found my way of dealing with how to arrange a ride in India and stuff by now. That doesn't make me any cooler than you, but it does help.

As a general rule of thumb, always enquire with at least a few guys or travel agents, start your bidding on the low rather than the high side (so let's say well under what you may have in mind, if indeed you have some idea. Say a few hundred lower in a case like this), they'll let you know what they think of it, and now walking away saying you need to think about it some more you'll get some lowered prices thrown after you, so a few such tries and combined with your gut feeling and the general responses you get should normally give you an idea of what you should reasonably be looking at. Then return to the one who seemed most reasonable to you and/or whom you liked best. And conversely, you really don't have to squeeze them for every very last Rupee. They need to make a living, too, just keep it realistic and preferably cheerful. It isn't some combat you're engaging in, and any haggling should ideally be done in good spirits, and keeping the other's sense of integrity intact.

Doing so minus any luggage works better btw as it makes you look less helpless and pressed for a ride, so let one of you guard your bags, the others go hunting for a car. But make it clear to them how many you are and that you'll be carrying your luggage, to avoid any awkward and heated discussions after you've already finalized the deal. (You don't wanna know btw how many drivers and others get sick and tired of foreign tourists getting all prissy over details that ought to be clear to anyone but a foreign tourist, and arguing over really small change in the process. Yes, your luggage may command a small extra fee, night driving will command an extra percentage, as will driving in the hills, a better car, A/C or non-A/C and whatnot, will cost more, crossing state borders will cost some as will toll roads, and so forth. There's plenty of perfectly honest folks out there, just trying to make a decent living, and who likely just don't wanna hear any more of it.)

Rather more prosaically btw, just enquire with your hotel of course about what they think a reasonable price should be. So even ask them about it just in Orchha, in your case, I guess. It will again give you at least some idea.

Buses between Gwalior and Jhansi according to Lonely Planet should be "frequent," btw; this would typically signify leaving a few times an hour (which wouldn't surprise me, on this route), and at non-crazy hours (say -- quite -- early morning till somewhere in the evening, often but not always quite late). They indeed mention a bus between the two should take some three hours. The road I don't recall; besides a cab like I just happened to have here being the far more comfortable experience of course and so you noticing less of any bad roads and stuff, I think I mostly slept while I was at it. (I'd sort of had it with a few things at the time, hence the cab.)

My general experience with buses along many another road in Madhya Pradesh and over these past two years would certainly be that they are, well, generally speaking uncomfortable, and don't make for fast travel. Cough. Think bouncing along in the heat except you won't find a place to sit anyway (may consider yourself lucky to find so much as a square centimeter to stand on, really) at some 20 kms/hour.

In case like me you think I'll grab me a private or state "deluxe" bus along such routes if the going gets too rough, be informed the state doesn't appear to have any. I was told they used to exist, but were abandoned some years ago. (Lest we misunderstand each other, that means there are no private ones, either.)

(And if it sounds like I didn't enjoy myself there then, I really did, all in all. But found the going not always easy, no. Splashing out on e.g. a taxi once in a while if you can afford it can really make a difference here.)

Although let me add that for a ride like Jhansi-Gwalior, I'd have absolutely no qualms whatsoever to jump on a bus for it. You'll probably be catching the bus at its starting point btw, so ought to be able to secure a seat; if it's already jam-packed and (looking like it is...) ready to leave when you arrive, wait for the next one. And secure that seat, pronto. A newspaper or scarf or so thrown in through the window and onto an empty seat (so whilst everyone is scrambling at the door to get into & out of the bus, and usually in that order) means that seat is mine, and this is generally respected. If it isn't, you are now in your right to gently but nonetheless firmly remind that person that, sir (as a man I'd be less inclined to get fussy about it with a single lady, or a group of them. With a couple however and the man sneaking in his wife just as an excuse for them to sit there together, I might be less tolerant with it), that seat was in fact yours. (Use the same method when leaving your seat behind during stops and stuff. So drape a magazine or scarf or something onto it. It is a very common signal that it's occupied.)

On a private bus btw (or equally, a state "deluxe" one of whatever precise description and degree of luxury, and the same applies to any of those private outfits), rest assured you'll normally have a reserved seat alright, and there shouldn't be any hitchhikers traveling along, or few if there are. But like I said, I'm not aware of any in this state.
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There are also many trains between Jhansi and Gwalior.
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Heheh, indeed, now that you mention : Have a look at http://erail.in?T=JHS::GWL:. Take note of running days.
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What other places do you plan to visit in Rajasthan?

Is Sleeper Class an option for you? (it will be chilly in Jan)

Shivpuri is about 100kms from Jhansi and there are loads of buses, there;s an overnight train from Shivpuri (23:22) to Kota (09:00), I took this train myself, but it only has Sleeper Class, Kota is about 40kms from Bundi, a popular quiet tourist destination in Rajasthan.

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