Itinerary for Tinchuley, Sillerygaon and Old silk Route
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Itinerary for Tinchuley, Sillerygaon and Old silk Route

me would like to make a trip to Tinchuley, Sillerygaon and the old Silk Route, would be very helpful if other members can share an Itinerary for the same where the Total is of around 7 - 8 Days...also would required the contact points for Hotels / homestays and cars.
The same plan is in the month of December...Please Help...

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I have been to old silk route last year, November. Its an awesome place and one of the most unpopular travel destinations. Places to visit there include old baba mandir, momenchu lake and falls, kupup village, elephant lake, nathang valley, china border and Chinese bunkers. You can stay at Lungthung(eco retreat) for a night and Zuluk can be the other option. Don't miss the sunrise and magnificent Kanchenjunga view.Take sufficient amount of winter clothes as it snows heavily and the temperature drops beyond your expectation. Happy journey.
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Does anybody have any details of rongpokhola.
My agent suggested me rongpokhola instead of reshikhola.

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