Itinerary for Sikkim- Darjeeling
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Itinerary for Sikkim- Darjeeling


My family has a plan of visiting east India in the month of Mid November and we have around 1 week.
Could you please advise us with the Itinerary. The places that we want to visit mainly are Sikkim, Darjeeling and Shillong.We will be travelling from delhi by train from 14th November.

Also it would be good if you suggest us some more places that we can visit in those much days.

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travelfreak, if you are thinking to include Shillong positively, then for Darjeeling and Sikkim you have only 4/5 days.

I don't know detail about Shilong, but think you can spend there 2 days and can have return train.

Hope the week for trip is excluding journey time. :D
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Hi, thanks for the reply.
We have excluded Shillong from the plan. Could you please advise if 4 days would be fine enough to visit Sikkim and Darjeeling?
And it would also be great if you could suggest some of the main places to visit there.

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travelfreak, I must say that 4 days are not enough to visit Darjeeling and SIKKIM (district).

Well, you can do 2 days in Garjeeling and 2 days in Gangtok. You can visit popular tourist spots there.

In Darjeeling don't miss sunrise in Tiger hill, you can book a package for Tigerhill and nearby points for one day. (book on the day before).

Don't miss sunset also from Mall and Toy Train ride. You have to book this train ticket also well in advance. With this joy ride you can visit Ghoom, Batasia Loop etc.

On the way to darjeeling spend some time in Mirik too.

In gangtok, keep a day for Tsangu lake, Nathu La, Baba mandir. The other day for local sight seeing.

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