Itinerary for Assam & Meghalaya - Please Review

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Please review the following Itinerary for the Trip to Assam and Meghalaya in first week of May.

I have planned this taking into consideration the Trip by 10yearitch and other members of this forum.

Please post SUGGESTIONS / CORRECTIONS wherever necessary. It would be highly appreciated as this would be the first time that we are going on this long of a trip.

Info :
- 3/4 Friends
- 10-12 Days
- Low Budget Trip
- Boarding from MUMBAI/NAGPUR



DAY : 1


Hotel - Near Guwahati-Shillong Road - Near Paltan Bazaar
Resto - Khorika - Assamese Food special / Paradise - Oldest Resto

Places (Depending on the time of arrival)
- Kamakhya Temple - 3km
- River cruise on Brahmaputra
- Umananda Temple


DAY : 2

Travel (Early morning)
Guwahati - Shillong :- Jeep (Rs.140/head) - 100km
Shillong - Cherrapunjee :- Jeep (Rs.50/head) - 56km

Places -
- Umiam Lake - Prior to entering Shillong

Hotel - 15km from Town - Laitkynsew village - Cab(Rs.300/head)
Resto - At Hotel / Misc.

-Pillar Rock
-Mawsmai Cave
-Nohkalikai Waterfalls


DAY : 3


Early Trek with 'Guide' (Resort)- 8am - Trek to 'Double Decker Living Bridge :-
- Trek through Dirt Road - Khasi village - Single tier Root Bridge - Double Tier Root Bridge - Nature cleanest Water Pool - Trek Back to Hotel (Approx 4pm)


DAY : 4


Travel -
Cherrapunjee - Shillong :- Jeep (Rs.50/head)

Places -
-Ward's Lake
-Don Bosco centre of Indigenous cultures (famous and architechurally interesting musuem)
-Western Garo Hills - Out of Shillong - considerd pretty scenic.
-Mawlinglong - cleanest village in Asia - Also has a very famour Root Bridge - Not very far from Shillong (70-80km)

Shillong - Guwahati :- Jeep


DAY : 5


Travel -
Guwahati - Tezpur - Bus (185km)
Tezpur - Nameri Eco camp - Cab (35km)

Hotel - Pre arragement for tent camp
Resto - Same


DAY : 6


-Walk through Lush forests
-Spotting Birds and Animals
-Rafting Trip - Organized by camp
-Exploring the river banks

Note : Total cost of transportation to rafting start point, 2 guides-cum-cooks, food, rafting equipments and Permits - Rs 2000

Travel -
Nameri - Kohora - cab (NH-37) - Approx 3hrs

Hotel - Wild Grass Hotel (Near Kohora)
Resto - Same/Misc


DAY : 7


Places -
-Elephant Rides
-Jeep Rides through the forest
-Spotting 1horn Rhino's and various other Wildlife creatures
-Also has Bengal Tiger Population

Travel -
Kohora - Jorhat - 95km

Hotel - ??
Resto - ??


DAY : 8

Travel -
Jorhat - Majuli - close - By Ferry

MAJULI - India's Largest River Island - In the middle of Brahmaputra

Hotel - Bamboo Guest Houses (Rs 300-500) - Situated near Kamalabari and near the Satras in a place called "Garamur".
Resto - Misc.

Travel -
Jorhat - Sibsagar - 50km


DAY : 9


Places -
-Sivo Dol
-Rang Ghar
-Tolatol Ghar
-Joi Sagar Lake
-Kareng Ghar (Gargaon)

SIBASAGAR (Simalguri 16km) - GUWAHATI - TRAIN (Approx 8hrs)

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I think the Itinerary is quite elaborate. Though it seems you have not considered Jaintia Hills, another district of Meghalaya. You may check here:

On the whole, to me the time frame of 10days seems to be a bit tight. And you have to keep in mind that the train from Mumbai would take nearly 50 hours to reach Guwahati. You may check the exact train details on the irctc sites.
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Yea as of now we are leaving by train on 11th... Lets see how we take it from there..

We haven't done any hotel bookings yet..

can anyone please tell me the status of Kaziranga National Park ?.. Is it open at this time of the year, I heard otherwise.. !!
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Assam-Meghalaya Trip in July 2014


I need help making the itinerary for Assam-Meghalaya trip that we are planning this July with my Mother and brother. We have around 9 days time

Our tentative plan is to cover the following places

Guwahati- (Kamakhya temple, Brahmaputra River cruise)
Shillong -
Sohra - Stay 3 nights and cover the Mawsmai Cave, Living Root bridge, Mawlynnong Village

We also want to cover places under Gharo, Khasi and Janitia Hills

Then go off to Kaziranga and then go to the Majuli Island and return to Guwahati to catch our flight back to Kolkata.

Also please mention things to do or if there are any adventure sports options available.

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I think nine days are insufficient to cover all of those places. Definitely, you will find lots of adventure sports in Meghalaya. Please read the forum of IndiaMike devoted to Meghalaya. You might start with this report:
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can you review mine one?

Can you please check my itinerary?

8.5 Arrival to Guwahati 10 AM, accommodation at guwahati - local sightseeing
9.5 guwahati shillong - local sightseeing - shillong peak, elephant falls, Umiam lake, lady hydari park, don bosco museum , stay at shillong
10.5. shillong - Mawphlang - sacred groves, continue to mawsynram and mawlyngbna, stay at mawsynram?
11.5. mawsynran to mawphlang. trek Mawphlang to Ladmawphlang, continue to sohra-cherrapunji, stay at cherrapunji / will the trek be possible to do in
May? /
12.5. Cherrapunji sightseeing, Mawlynngong, stay at cherrapunji
13.5. nongriat trek to living bridges, back to shillong
14.5. shillong - nartiang - monoliths - back to shillong
15.5. shillong-guwahati - tezpur
16.5.tezpur, afternoon move to jorhat
17.5. jorhat, majuli river island, evening move to sivsagar
18.5 sivsagar, evening train to guwahati
19.5 guwahati, afternoon or evening train back to normal life

Please can you help me with my itinerary?
especially I am confused about all those Maw*** places, as it seems to me it takes more time, but then i find that in itineraries there is one day trip shillong, mawphlang, mawsynram, shillong. I am very confused how much time to plan for those. Also how it is about traveling possibilities, between mawphlang and sohra, are there connections? Mawpglang-sohra should be connected by that train that comes to route from shillong to sohra as i wrote in itinerary is that right? How about sohra to Mawlynngong? Seems to be close, is it connected?

So would you elaborate me how is it there? I like to have somehow tight schedule and not to waste time, but not to rush for all the costs. Full day schedule is great, but to enjoy normally not just click picture and we are running Also it would be better to have accommodation more at shillong or cheerapunji, we are low budget travelers so cheaper places are better.

Or if you have some other interesting places to include there and some delete I will be happy for ideas as honestly with indian amazing tourist places I am often not that amazed as advertised - for example we have really beautiful natural caves in my country and here it is often just little rock hole with man giving blessing inside, so not really my cup of tea cave, that i mean with no offense. Same with waterfalls, so please let me know which are really a must. I know that people from here - Aurangabad may be amazed by any waterfall but again for me it can be just ordinary waterfall when I have already seen many. This I dont mean in any bad way, but is better for you to know and give maybe recommendations. We are very natural and we will better roam or just take a walk somewhere. I know there are many other parts that would be worth to visit, but usually there are just information about those lonely planet attraction as i call it I am outsider without lonely planet

For example that Nartiang - I just put it there as sth interesting, but i dont know if it is worth it.
Happy for any idea!!! Thanks all
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How many days do you have for Meghalaya in total?

By the way, what do you mean by "that train that comes to route from shillong to sohra" ? Didn't get you there.
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hey plan is to be in assam meghalaya from 8th to 19th, train not confirmed yet but this should be available time for whole trip, then i am not stucked with exact days for each state.
with the confusion i didnt mean train, i meant trail sorry.
I am confused about connections between mawphlang / sohra or mawsynram/sohra - is there any transport available to make it shorten and not need to get back to shillong first? As i wrote i understood if we take hiking trail mawphlang to ladmawphlang it is supposed to end somewhere near the road to sohra so it should be possible to do trek and catch transport to sohra?
same with mawlyngong-sohra is there connection? it seems close. Just on the map and in some itineraries it seems like with those Maw*** names you should always start from shillong and then get back so i dont know how to plan timings.
I hope now it is more clear what i am writing. Other planned ways are ok, just these Maw*** difficult places
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Please do spend sometime on the Meghalaya Forum going through the various trip reports to understand what is on offer.

Should you still have some queries I will be glad to assist you.


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