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Itinerary Advice Please

Hello All - 2 parts to this message

I am currently in Rishikesh and have been here for 4 days. I have to go back to Delhi on Sunday (30th) as I am meeting a friend there to then travel on with.

So I need to find something to do until then. I was thinking of leaving Rishikesh on Wednesday or Thursday. I was going to move on to Amritsar but my friend now wants to do this so that is a no. I am not particulary interested in going to Haridwar either. I suppose I could always stay here longer. There isnt masses of things to do but its nice to chill out I guess.

As I am sure happens quite a lot I have got to India and my itinerary has changed a bit. First of all I have come to realise that I cannot just move on every 2 or 3 days, so it looks like I will have to drop a couple of places which brings me to the 2nd part of this question. Is it a great loss if I miss out Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Udaipur?? If I do drop these it will mean that in 2.5 months I will have seen Delhi, Rishikesh, Amritsar, Agra, Varanasi, Darjiling, Kerela & Backwaters, Madurai, Goa and Mumbai. I know it isnt about ticking places off a list, but am I seeing enough places for a 2.5 month trip? And am I missing out a lot not seeing those places in Rajastan?

Thanks in advance!

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Move to Devapryag not very far from Rishikesh, beautiful & peaceful place.
Dont skip Jaisalmer, rather drop Amritsar.
Darjeeling will become very cold soon & expect frequent power cuts so the room heater wont work. So visit Darjeeling as early as possible.
Do Goa & Back waters of Kerala in winter.
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so in your opinion (as its quite far from where i will be), what makes Jaisalmer worth visiting. I dont want to miss Amritsar as I have always wanted to see the golden temple.
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Originally posted by: andygoodyear .....I dont want to miss Amritsar as I have always wanted to see the golden temple.

Power cut is a problem in Darjeeling but the severity depends on the hotel. Forget the cold you will love Darjeeling.
I am just back from Amritsar. Golden temple is marvelous and also try to visit the Jalianwallah Bag and Wagha border (Indo-Pak). Try to reach there before 5 pm, as the parade starts at around 5.30 pm. There is a separate gallery for foreigners / special guests. Local bus service is there from Amritsar town or you can take an auto-rickshaw (asked 40 Rs from me in shared service) to go to the border. Do not take a movie camera. And plz dont forget to try Kulfi and Lassi at Amritsar (in any big shop, they all are the masters).
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Andy,my advice for what it is worth is not to miss Amritsar.The Golden Temple in my opinion rates up there with the Taj,we were there in late June and although it was a little warm[47degs]it is one of my best memories from India.We were taken there by our Sikh friends from Jalandhar.I would return there tomorrow if I could to spend another day and certainly hope to in the future.Don't miss the Art Gallery above the temple,you will see paintings of unimaginable horror that shows the history of the Sikh community.Whilst you are in the vicinity,go catch the border ceremony,it is worth a look.Rajasthan is also wonderful,Jodphur fort is another must see on my list.It is one of our most favourite forts,happy safe travels,kindest cheers,Carol
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thanks or the great adice all

I think I may have to miss jodhpur and jaisalmer though

an other suggestions on what to do beore delhi?
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There are direct trains to both Bharatpur or Pushkar (ajmer) so you could spend a couple of days in either one!!
Pushkar is I suppose a bit like where you are now but in a completely different enviroment.
Bharatpur is great for the Bird park and a day out to Deeg or Fatehpur Sikri.
Or you could head up to Mussoorie in the mountains for a day or two before returning to Delhi.
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