Is this a realistic 3 month trip?

#1 Nov 23rd, 2009, 18:11
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Hello folks,
I'm flying to Mumbai Jan 4th and have until end of march to get back there.
As I wanted to avoid domestic inland flights (for ecological and budget-reasons) my plan is to do a round trip omitting the far north of India. Something like this:
Leave Mumbai towards Rajasthan arriving in Delhi after ~2 weeks.
Explore Delhi for a couple of days, stop-and-go through Agra and then another 2 weeks through the plains along the Ganges arriving in Kolkata after ~5 weeks.
Sail for the Andamans, 2 weeks of absolute relaxation at the middle of the trip.
Then sail for Chennai, traverse Tamil Nadu, cross over to the Arabian Sea in Kerala.
Finally head north, passing Goa and Hampi back to Mumbai.

My question is whether this is in general a do-able round. I want to do most travelling by train on a relatively low overall budget.

I would further specify the exact route but I'm not the one to make a day-by-day itinerary because I know I won't stick to it anyway. I only want to have a rough idea to start off with but that might be the next post.

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Doable? Certainly.

But as usual, the devil is in the details
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I think it's a shame to leave out the far north of India. The mountain area is magnificent, certainly my favourite region on India.
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I know it's a shame to leave out the north and it's not out of pure ignorance. Rather it has a more practical background.

As I want to travel really light on this trip I had planned to come back to India a second time to do the North and do some serious hiking in the Himalayas, then packing all the heavy gear I don't want to lug around in the South on this trip.

But if you guys can convince me that I can fit for example Punjab into my 3 month window then I will do it. I just don't want to get too much into a rush.
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The Devil IS in the details, capt.; but as a writing teacher of mine said, "so is God."

I like the way you're going into it, a few places in mind, a few places not, sooo much to see in India, good to have it narrowed down. I've always traveled that way and it has worked for me. I think the less you can book in advance the looser and freer you keep yourself.
On my first trip in '82 I had planned for months: I would fly into Calcutta then head west along the Ganges; the only part of my itinerary that didn't change was flying into Calcutta; when I got there I headed south . . . an indelible four months it remains.
Your plans are certainly doable; whatever you end up doing , enjoy.
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