Interesting rickshaw rides!

#1 Jul 11th, 2005, 04:51
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Hello All.

I regard many rickshaw drivers in India to be some of the real gems of the populace (a bit like London cabbies!)

I was in Madras once and got into the back of a rickshaw clearly very hot and struggling with the heat (It was summer and I was sweating like there was no tomorrow) - The Rickshaw driver turns to me and says: "there are three seasons in Madras: Hot. Hotter and Hottest!" I continued to drip sweat on the seat. Chuckling at me he said "Hey - this is only "hot"!

Made me chuckle!

I took my Dad to India a couple of years back - so he expected me to be his guide around Delhi (fair enough) Anyhow - we jumped in a rickshaw after having something to eat in CP late one night at about 11pm. We jump into the cab (OK - it had no working lights on it, so what?) and head back to Pahar Ganj to our hotel. After a couple of minutes we are hailed by a Delhi Police Gypsy van (You know the ones: "With you. For you. Always").

"Hey Rickshaw" they shout over the tannoy speaker.

On hearing this, Mr rickshaw floors it big time and shoots down a side alley. I can't believe this is hapening! Eeeek!

Cops follow in hot persuit!

After ducking down more alleyways we end up in a small courtyard. Mr Rickshaw man stops and we wait - No sign of the police car. The chap waits for a couple of minutes and drives back on to the main road.

"Whoa!" I say to him " that was bloody close!"

"Hey - no problem, dont worry. I never stop for cops!" he says, laughing!

. . . Luckily Dad found it as funny as the driver did!

Whats the most interesting/scarey/funny rickshaw trip you have had?

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On my last day in India, I was wandering CP in Delhi. It was dusk, and I had to get to the hotel to get my bags before gettin' to the airport, so I stood on the road and tried to find a guy to give me a ride. All of them gave me sketchy rates, but then one guy pulled over and almost smoked me. He was drunk. So drunk, he thought I was Indian, so he didn't try to rip me off. The ride was fun. He liked singing and talking about emporiums that I should check out.

Oh, and I have a really interesting one, some auto rickshaw guy in Margo tried to...RIP ME OFF!! Bastard. I showed him when I only tipped him 10 percent!
#3 Jul 11th, 2005, 08:53
belkin_wonder_boy Future Member
I had to get across town (Delhi) during Diwali once. Never underestimate the Indian "cracker" (aka "small bomb"). It was like a slalom through a mine field!
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Originally Posted by traceyam I had to get across town (Delhi) during Diwali once. Never underestimate the Indian "cracker" (aka "small bomb"). It was like a slalom through a mine field!

Ditto - but it was in Varanasi. It was like driving though a war zone!
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Ditto - but it was in Varanasi. It was like driving though a war zone!
ah yes, the varanasi war zone. i actually thought that i might die - we got caught up in a street parade/festival consisting of young men swinging machetes and hockey sticks (!). it really was quite terrifying but luckily for us the guide who walked us out of the ghats stayed with us to the railway station.
i just sat in my rickshaw praying silently, but others actually had the foresight to take photos.
but i still think that rickshaws are the best fun transportation.
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I remember, it was in Bangalore...........about 5pm and we'd just come out of the Shiva Bala Yogi temple area and the ricksaw had a flat front tyre!!!! Not to be put off by anything so ordinary, thru all the dust, non-existent roads, cows, dogs and goats, ignoring buses and any other form of transport, we made our way back into town. I think I wore a hole thru the floorboard of the tuktuk - it was going everywhere it shouldn't, all the while being told "s' problem" with, of course, the proverbial wobble. We were almost riding on the rim with a bit of rubber flapping in the "breeze".
Being filthy was an understatement........I was the same colour as my 'jabi - orange with spashes of red from sweat. My matching dupatta was never the same after that journey - it sort of took on a tie-dye effect...........ah memories!!!
Oh and btw.........we got a discount for the discomfort )
Happiness is for those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched and those who have tried. For only they can appreciate the importance of people who have touched their lives. (Anon.)

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