if you had to choose north or south (june-august)
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if you had to choose north or south (june-august)

I've been advised by the most lovely and helpful people here on this forum to choose either north or south in my 2month trip (june 1-august 1) due to time and weather constraints largely.
i had originally thought that i would do mumbai-goa-keralla-(plane)-mumbai then it all gets a little hectic here...(i must go to goa to meet friends)
i want to see jaupur, jaisalmer, udaipur, varanassi, taj mahal,
now i have been doing my homework and apparently i wont enjoy these areas this time of year. I'd rather not miss these places because of something like weather. but of course you guys know better, so if it is that bad i suppose i should avoid it.
ive been hearing that this would be a good time to head for the hills as they say,to himachal pradesh. i would love to see manali. and from what i've heard here, ladakh and leh are lovely this time of year(?) would Rishikesh fit into this sequence also?
im trying to figure out the most logical order to visit these areas in so as to avoid backtracking. Im flying out of Delhi.
if you were me, would you
(a)do the mumbai-goa-keralla-(plane)-mumbai then head for the hills?
(b)forget keralla and do rajastan and varanassi and head for the hills?
(c)or just head for the hills?
any input would be appreciated. im so confused! i had no idea how much work was going to be involved in getting an itinerary together!
Jenn xx

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if you are goin for 3 months, then you can do the north and south at a moderate pace.

IMHO, the logical sequence (given that you will be arriving in Mumbai and departing from Delhi) would be:

Goa (Hampi if you like)
Rajasthan (Jaisalmar, Jaipur etc)
UP (Varanasi, Hardwar, Rishikesh)
HP (Manali)

HP/UP are abbreviations for the state names

If you provide a detailed list of places you would like to visit or things you like to do, IMers can help you plan better -- while keeping the weather in mind (and day of week if that is relevant). With the destinations listed above, you will have an average of 9 days in each place. Quite ample, I think. If you are not sure where you wanna go, do search the board for suggestions.
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well i wanted to do the backwater cruise in Keralla and go on a jungle tour and an elephant ride there. another poster had suggested basing yourself in Kochi. i wanted to see Varkala beach also.
in Jaisalmer i want to do a camel trek.although the desert in summer might not be so wise. i want to see the city temple in jaipur. in Varanassi i want to bathe in the Ganges and take a morning boat ride.
Im not sure exactly what there is to DO in the mountains....there seems to be more 'tourist activities' on the plains. I do however want to learn yoga and meditation in rishikesh, where better to learn yoga eh?
I'll only be staying for two months though.
i dont mind spending money on travel expenses, i intend to go sleeper class all the way!
thanks mate
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Originally posted by: jennifericous... ...i dont mind spending money on travel expenses, i intend to go sleeper class all the way!

If you don't mind spending money then why sleeper class. Are you sure you don't mean 2AC or 3AC?
...see the excellent info on trains here in IM.

My first five trips to India were just two weeks, or even less, each: I restricted myself to a handful of places in Kerala (and Tamil Nadu sometimes). In two months I'm sure that heaps can be done!
Life gets aadhar every day.
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well i mean i dont mind getting LOADS of trains, so the travel expense of going accross the country. but i dont want to pay more than is necessary. id rather spend that on jewellery and silk!!
im in kinda a hurry to finalise my itinerary as another IMer has told me that the trains will be booked out. so i need to make a decision so i can book online!
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Ahhh. Understood.

I've done very little train travel here, but even at the top end it is relatively cheap. Just so long as you've done your research and know what you are letting yourself in for
Life gets aadhar every day.
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Dear Friend,
If you have not finalised your tour you can make it in the following way ---
1)Start from Delhi( changed from your previous plan) & visit Agra.

2) Delhi to Kalka ----> to Simla by toy train----> Manali ---> Dalhousie, Dharamsala, Khazier , Palampur & back to Delhi ( app. 12 days)

3) Delhi ---> Haridwar & Hrishikesh----> Kedarnath ( if you can walk 14 km , ponny is also available)----> Badrinath---->Mussuori---> Back to Delhi ( lots of nice hilly area on the route where you can stay & enjoy like Auli, Pouri etc) ( 15 days programme)

if you can not walk 14 km
Delhi --->Nainital,Mukteshwar,Ranikhet,Kousani,Choukri,Munsiari,Binsar,Goaldam,Patal Bhubneshwar----> back to Delhi

4) Delhi ---> Mumbai---> Goa---> Kearla---->Mysore,Bangalore, ooty.

5) From there you can go to Rajasthan ( as seasonal rain might start by that time & weather might become less hot)

6) If you want to skip Rajasthan (due to hot weather) you may pay a visit to Kolkata ( capital of British India) & go to Darjeeling / Sikkim ( depending upon weather i,e, rainfall) or to Bhutan & leave from Kolkata.

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