how to reach Manali from Vaishno Devi
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how to reach Manali from Vaishno Devi


I am a new member to this group.

I am planing for a trip to Vaishno Devi in the mid of may and from Vaishno Devi to Manali.

I need some detail like
1. what is the best way for travel bus/train/fly.
2. how much is the distance from Vaishno Devi - Manali by road.

Thanks in advance.


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:) The road route:

Come down from Vaishno Devi (Katra) to Jammu.

Jammu to Dharamshala by direct bus.

Dharamshala to Manali by direct bus.

Remember, this will be a long and exhausting journey taking about two days. [cry]

:) The rail route:

Jammu to Ambala by train.

Ambala to Chandigarh by train/bus.

Chandigarh to Manali by bus/car.

:) The air route:

Jammu to Delhi.

Delhi to Bhuntar (Kullu), then to Manali by car.

:) I dont know if there is any direct flight service between Jammu and Bhuntar. If it is, it will be the best option. :) is a journey.....and the journey is more important than the destination........

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I think better option would be to take a Bus from Katra to Pathankot, from Pathankot there should be a direct bus to Manali. If there isn't any than simply take a bus to Dharamshala and from there to Manali.
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First hand Info

Dear IM's,

I did that route in this Feb. But had to say I made a mess.

I booked ticket in only bus to Manali from Katra. Then I came to know that we will be first taken to Jammu and from there another bus will take to Manali starting at 6.00 pm. So far it was OK. We are asked to reach the hotel near bus stand around 3.30 pm and bus started at 4 to Jammu. We were dumped in shabby Jammu street where we were informed the bus will come around 8.00 pm so we had to spend 2 hours in mosquito infested place.
We took this chance to visit Raghunath temple which is nearby.
The bus came around 8.45 and was not at all comformatable it had a cranky pushback.
So It my advice catch any bus and come down to Pathankot and from there take and Himachal tourism bus (govt) which is not only comfortable but also reasonably price. Just check what time the bus to Manali reaches Pathankot and I am said there are 3 buses coming from different places crosses Pathankot.

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