Honeymoon in India?
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Honeymoon in India?

Could someone please advise on a 4 week honeymoon itinery during February/March 2002 in India. I don't want to rush and be exhausted but we want to see alot and also stay in a couple of nice places. Most places will have to be hostels as we are on a bit of a budget. I am really interested in shopping for arts and crafts and materials and cooking and food. I am in the hospitality industry. My husband to be is in to food, relaxing, sport (esp cricket) & politics. Just thought I'd add that in so any of you reading will know what we are interested in!

Thanks for any replies


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try the south

You might be able to see quite a bit of South India in that time period. I really enjoyed Kerala and Tamil Nadu this past spring. In Kerala, there are beautiful beaches, like Varkhala and nice backwater tours. In Tamil Nadu, you can find lots of temples--big ones, important ones, old ones...you name it. Of course shopping is everywhere. If you want to buy handicrafts from the North of India, but you don't want to go there, you can find stores from the various Indian states in the big cities, like Chennai or Bangalore. I thought that the people were nicer and that travelling was less of a hassle in the South. Wherever you go, have a nice honeymoon!;)
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Hi Mandy,
I know you wrote to me personally looking for advice on which places to go.
It's so hard to give you an itinerary. It also depends on what city your arriving from and what kind of climate you wish to experience. North India can be downright cold at that time of the year, meanwhile in Goa everyone is in shorts soaking up rays on the beach.

If this is your first trip, I would probably start with the golden triangle route (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) and after Jaipur I would head south to Udaipur and work my way from there.

I am hoping that Gerlinde, one of our local experts in India, could also give you some tips to make this trip memorable, especially since it is a honeymoon.

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Hi Mandy and Mike,

it's really not as easy to plan four weeks "a little bit on a budget" in India for a memorable honeymoon.
There are Tourist Bungalows (MP with Agra, Gwalior, Orcha, Khajuraho; Uttaranchal for a hill tour, eventually combined with a trek to Gangotri, the source of the Ganges, UP with Varanasi and aaf course Rajasthan) were the prices are around 500 Rs and often already more. They are in general not bad - but the funny thing is that India of today has lost quite a bit of her former sense for beauty, so that they are really not always clean and well furbished.
Instead of Goa better think about Koh Samui. When we came there with my mother in January, she who has widely travelled in India said: "This is like we expected Goa to be!" There is no building higher than the coconut palms, the prices are very reasonable and it is a perfect and clean family island with all cuisines, cooking lessons and very good beaches. We are booking Koh Samui already for some time, especially when families want to travel. From Delhi to Trivandrum (Kerala) and return a flight cost more than Delhi - Bangkok - Koh Samui and return. In Bangkok you can stay easily for 700 Baht in a very clean hotel (in Delhi I can offer the same category only for four times of the price) and at the island you can get clean bungalows for about 400 Baht or even less.
Back to India: Kerala is nice too, but the prices are also a little bit on the higher side. Twice I visited state run restaurants - but this was really not a memorable experience.
In Rajasthan you can proceed by trains and buses and then you also need 4 weeks! It might be really the best option with Jaipur, Udaipur and surroundings, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer (nice 500 Rs. guesthouse available!), Bikaner and some more places.
Now I have to go back to work, think it over.

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