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Himalayan itinerary advice....

What about this?

Arrive Delhi 9/12
Fly to Leh 9/13
Time in Leh and environs... maybe just touring around or maybe a short trek (here vs HP or UT)
I have trekked in the Everest area and Annapurna area of Nepal and traveled the 'Friendship Hwy trip' to Lhasa before...I am not sure where I will want to trek in India to see a different (or just awesome) area. I suspect it will be more obvious when I get there, but advice would be appreciated!

9/25? Fly to Srinagar (Dal Lake)...or take the road depending on conditions...

10/3? Road to Manali (there is a road, right? it will be open then? I think I read that it is as nice as the Leh-Manali road?) I understand that Manali isn't much of a destination in itself, but it would be nice to see the area.

from here I am unsure... I think I want to do the Milam Glacier Trek, but it may depend on whether I have done a trek in Ladahk. If I do that, how would I get to Almora?

Also, my next step will be Katmandu to spend time with friends from the valley....
Do I fly back to Delhi to go to KTM?

I am sure I am forgetting something important here, please don't hesitate to fill me in!

Thanks! Evangeline

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i can respond to one of your queries. Ladakh is a cold desert and the landscape bleak but oh so beautiful. On th other hand UT and HP are quite green and soothing to the eyes. But trekking anywhere in these regions is going to be beautiful.
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Thanks, I was aware of that. I am just so indecisive! I have traveled in Tibet (Friendship highway to Lhasa) and trekked in Nepal (Khumbu, Annapurna). Is Ladahk like Tibet I imagine? I just can't decide what to do!

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