Help with 2 week Northern itinerary with special travel restriction
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Help with 2 week Northern itinerary with special travel restriction

Hi there,

A friend and I are traveling for the first time to India for ~2 weeks in late November/early December, and would like to see the Golden Triangle, Varanasi, and any other locations that time will allow.

We are trying to develop a route through the cities, but here is the trick: we both observe the Jewish Sabbath, on which we are which we are not allowed to spend money, use electronic devices, or travel (including train, plane, car, animal, etc). Sabbath restrictions exist from sundown on Friday through nightfall on Saturday, and therefore we must be in one city and walk to wherever we need to go (this is sort of down time given all of the restrictions on travel and money). [[We would like to spend our Sabbath in areas with a small Jewish community. We picked Delhi and Mumbai, but other options include (depending on level of interest and location/route): Pushkar, Pune, Varanasi.]]

We were considering the below itinerary and wanted to know if people had any suggestions or tips to improve the order or other places we should visit.
- Anyway we are missing worth seeing (Jodhpur? Jaisalmer? Bakiner?)
- Spending the right amount of time in each place?
- Route make sense (Delhi -> Agra -> Jaipur vs. Delhi -> Varanasi -> Agra, etc)?

Thursday - Arrive Delhi 8pm, overnight in Delhi
Friday - Tour Delhi, overnight in Delhi
Saturday - Tour Delhi (SABBATH FRIENDLY), overnight in Delhi
Sunday - Depart for Agra afternoon, overnight in Agra
Monday - early Taj Mahal, tour Agra, depart for Jaipur, stop at Fatehpur Sikra, overnight Jaipur
Tuesday - Tour Jaipur, overnight in Jaipur
Wednesday - Tour Jaipur, depart for Udaipur, overnight in Udaipur
Thursday - Tour Udaipur, overnight in Udaipur
Friday - Early depart for Mumbai (flight), overnight in Mumbai
Saturday - Tour Mumbai (SABBATH FRIENDLY), overnight in Mumbai
Sunday - Tour Mumbai, depart for Varanasi, overnight in Varanasi
Monday - Tour Varanasi, overnight in Varanasi
Tuesday - Tour Varanasi/Sarnath, overnight in Varanasi
Wednesday - Depart for Delhi, 9pm flight out of India

Thank you so much for any tips! Really really appreciate it!


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Mumbai has a jewish community and the other likely center is Pune. Delhi does have a Synagogue - What you dont see, you wont miss. So enjoy what you've planned. Drop Jaipur, there's nothing to see. Use that time in Agra and then go down to Udaipur using the overnight train.
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Originally posted by: vaibhav_arora View Post

Drop Jaipur, there's nothing to see.

Take that with a pinch of salt. He's just being modest about his home town.

Your new avatar looks like a Trump voter.
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Looks pretty good as an itinerary. Two cities with synagogues worth visiting are Cochin in Kerala and Kolkata in West Bengal. However, they require more kilometres and may be too complicated for this trip. Maybe next time... Happy planning.
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Try to fit in abhaneri if you go by hired car from Agra to Jaipur
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Originally posted by: atess91 View Post

We are trying to develop a route through the cities, but here is the trick: we both observe the Jewish Sabbath

Do not know what the rabbi from your shul would approve; I'd say take a car+driver for Delhi+Agra+Rajasthan with namasteindia tour. The owner will instruct his driver and the places where you'll be staying to serve you unpeeled and fresh fruits. The attendants will carry your luggage from the car to the room, and even turn the lights on.

Hey! I'm just a goyboy what do I know ;)
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Originally posted by: theyyamdancer View Post

synagogues worth visiting are Cochin in Kerala

Total number of jews left in Cochin, I think is 5. That synagogue, though a functioning place of worship, is one of the popular tourist destination.
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Unless you have contact with the Jewish community in Mumbai, I doubt if this is the ideal city to spend Sabbath.
The metropolis is too outspread to explore by foot. If you decide to go there, be sure that your hotel is in an interesting area.

I think it is better to skip Mumbai and to spend Sabbath in a smaller city like Udaipur.
Divide the extra days between your other destinations. If you hire a car for transport possible stops are Barathpur (bird sanctuary), Pushkar or Chittorgarh.
The disadvantage is that there no direct flight from Udaipur to Varanasi but the Indigo flight is a good alternative.
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Originally posted by: Golghar View Post

Your new avatar looks like a Trump voter.

:D Macfarlane is at the other end of the spectrum -
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there are Chabad houses both Delhi and Mumbai

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