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Unregistered Feb 7th, 2002 16:13

Help needed plse for my route thru India
Help needed from all the experienced India travellers....!

Myself and my boyfriend are flying to Mumbai in 4 weeks.
We plan to:
Head down to Hospet, Hampi and Gokarn
Then go north and stop somewhere like Ajanta
Head up to Jaipur and maybe over to Jaisalmer
Finally into Ladakh for 2 months or so and them back to Mumbai.

We figure it will too much of a trek to go to Sikkim (instead of Ladakh) and them down to Mumbai?

Does this seem like too much - we will be in India for 5 1/2 months. We both just want to cruise, not too much rushing and don't mind the odd 24 hour train journey.

Any comments welcome......

lady2byrd Feb 8th, 2002 12:40

Hi there

Can't help much on your North India tour.

But if you ever plan to travel down south especially to Kerala, look us up/drop a mail
Happy Traveling


indiamike Feb 8th, 2002 19:48

With 5 1/2 months that is way plenty of time. You should have no problem fitting all of that in even with that travel time.

Some places are worth only a few days and some you can stay for months. I won't tell you which ones they are on your list, but you will find out.


Lily Feb 9th, 2002 09:57

You are going to have fun, obviously!

Since you have adequate time, make sure you are at the right places when the weather there is good. For imstance, do not come to Jaipur if you can avoid it in June!

If you need specific info on Rajasthan, we shall be glad to assist.

Indianrobin Feb 12th, 2002 16:10

When u r in Delhi, you can get help from me if you want. I am an old Ladakh hand and love the place. Mail me at

Unregistered Feb 12th, 2002 23:24

you need a special permission to enter to sikkim. that you may obtain in Siliguri. for treeking you have to go through the travel agency because lot of restion is ther. Please check it your self.

But you may do trekking in Darjeeling region with out any problem. Sandakphu- Phalut.

from Delhi you may take Rajdhani Express or Mahananda $xpress- Northeast Expess for New Jalpaiguri. thtas the entry point for Darjeeling & Sikkim.

picklepak Feb 13th, 2002 18:30

ain't got nuttin' but time
You'll have lots of time to do everything that you listed, and more. Depending on how fast you travel you may well spend a month in some of the places that you listed. And a couple of days in some others. That's always the fun part, arriving somewhere and asking yourself, "is this the place?"

Another fun part is that you may decide halfway through to throw your itinerary out the window and do something completely different. It all depends on who you meet and what you find yourself to most desire to be doing...

Good luck in your travels, you have every opportunity to really enjoy your trip.


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