Hello I am so sorry but please assist.
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Hello I am so sorry but please assist.

i am not good at english.perhaps i might have wrong board.(if really so, i'm so sorry) I'm unfamiliar to english culture..I wonder if this site is biggest india travel site? i am looking for india travel mate or just information about india travel. where can i go to find information or people..? The Only SNS i knows is face book twitter intargram tumblr ;--;

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Hello pang, Welcome to IndiaMike :). This website is probably the longest running English language site concerned mainly with travel in India. IndiaMike does NOT allow posts from commercial sources e.g. Travel agents, Hotels, Guesthouses and Shops/restaurants. The idea is that ordinary travellers, Indian and foreign, will post and discuss their travel and living experiences in India and even elsewhere.

There are other websites that are useful for finding and perhaps booking hotels, examples are Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor but there are many more of varying reliability. Lonely Planet has discussion forums for most countries including India. The LP heading is "thorntree". Tripadvisor has forums also but its main business has been hotel bookings with customer reports on hotels, guesthouse and restaurants.

Their are specialist booking sites for transport services in India. Indianrail takes care of the all India railway network but there are at least two others. I suggest you explore the forums here on IndiaMike to find out more.
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Welcome to India Mike, Pang. Have a look around and search for information you are looking for.
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Welcome to IndiaMike, pang. Your English is fine. Just ask your questions, and we'll do what we can to answer them.
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Welcome to IndiaMike, Pang.You don't have to be sorry and your english is fine.Let me explain briefly how the site is organised.

http://www.indiamike.com/india/ - The link describes all about travel in India.There are various subsections that deal with specific topics.

India Travel basic - Basic info you need to know about India.Check out the travel partners forum to find travel partners http://www.indiamike.com/india/india-travel-partners-f59/ .Please be extremly cautious while choosing travel partners.

and rest of sections have questions/information about cities,states,travel mode,itinerary,travelogues.trekking etc.

Read a bit and post your idea or itinerary, we will help you.

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