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huzefasid May 4th, 2010 15:33

Great places to just relax, enjoy nature, have fun w/ family & friends
I am looking for great places to just relax, enjoy nature, have fun w/ family & friends.

Good location, service and food are a must.
Good climate in April/May.
Comfortable & tidy accommodation for group of 12-18 people.
Open space for outdoor games.
Minimum travelling/ cultural sightseeing.
Adventure sports preferable.
Peaceful. Away from crowd.
Budget max 25000/person, all inclusive.

Eg. This year we stayed 3n/4D at Camp Noel, Munnar. It was amazing location. Awesome climate w/ rain in the evening. 4bedroom Villa for our group of 14. 4 couples stayed in the bedrooms and 6 boys had the huge hall to themselves. Excellent service and food. If were to redo Kerala, we would have just stayed one week at Camp Noel, as travelling to Thekkady/Alleppey was damper. We were cheated by the houseboat agent so we didnt really enjoy houseboat.

I am searching for places for our next vacation in April/May 2011. So far I have come up w/ Cherrapunji Holiday Resort.

Any other ideas? possibly in ladhakh, Kashmir, uttarkhand.

theyyamdancer May 4th, 2010 15:37

Hi huzefasid,

Cherrapunjee Resort is a great idea; but it is small. Be sure to book early for your group.

vikramkyy May 4th, 2010 16:09


Any other ideas? possibly in ladhakh, Kashmir, uttarkhand.

Hi huzefasid

you can try so much places in uttarakhand.... kanataal resort..

and camping around bank of ganga river with river rafting and small trek...

and ladakh is a nice option but not in may....

huzefasid May 7th, 2010 13:54


looking for more specific replies, as in name of a resort OR name of a town and what unique experience it can offer.

Cherrapunji is offering offering something very unique to explore: live root bridges and the natural swimming pools in the river bed.

We would love some places/resort that can offer us a secluded waterfall w/ natural swimming pool OR even a lake w/ pristine cold water.

vikramkyy May 7th, 2010 19:44


for you i would like to suggest place called -

-mori(uttarakhand)--at the bank of the river TONS--

its not so much famous place but you can find all the things you want--

good location--and serivice-near about mussoorie--called valley of trekkers--

good climate in may--yes good climate in may--

accommodation for 12--18 people--stay at tented accommodation(luxury tents)

open space for outdoor games--volleyball,cricket..

minimum travelling--only 400km from delhi and 145 km from dehradun..

Adventure sports ---rafting,trekking,kayaking,Rock climbing and Rappelling,,Team Games,,Cliff-jumping, nature walk, bird watching,, and also you can trek to har-ki-dun.

Peaceful. Away from crowd---yes very peaceful location...

Budget max 25000/person, all inclusive--- will come into your budget may be less then that---

also you can visit mussoorie,kamptyfall, dhanolti, surkunda devi temple..(its all near by places)
and will get a chance to spend some time with locals,, to know about cultural---

and for cultural sightseeing--you may visit yamnotri temple...


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