Garhwal region -4 days trip
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Garhwal region -4 days trip


I am from south and planning to visit the garhwal region with my spouse 2 kids ( 2 and 31/2 year old ) during March 2015.

My itinery is as follows:

To delhi : Arrive on 3rd MArch
March 4th : agra and Mathura ( will book a cab)
March 5th : Local Delhi. Leave by Mussorie express to Dehradun overnight ( much convenient as kids will be sleeping in night journey )
March 6th moning : To mussorie and local sight seeing
March 7th : Move to Dhanaulti and local - Can I do surkanda devi with 2 kids. Is it open in afternnon in case I reach Dhanaulti by 10 -11 AM
March 8th : Travel to rishikesh via chamba ( include tehri dam if possible) and local rishikesh sight seeing
MArch 9th : HAridwar local and take overnight train to Delhi ( Mussorie express)

I cant do first haridwar and rishikesh as Shivaratri is on 7th and haridwar is full of crowd which i want to avoid with kids.

Please let me know if this is doable with 2 kids or looks hectic.
I am planning to hire a car from Mussorie on 7th morning to drop me at rishikesh on 8th late evening. what will be the charges with and without tehri. Is it worth it ?

Do i need a car for local mussorie also or is it manageble?

Planning to stay in GVMN in mussorie and dhanaulti. Any other advices before i book ?

Any possibility/chances of seeing snow anywhere where kids can play for an hour. I cannot trek extremes with kids. Also i had seen enough of snow but would like the kids to play if its accessible via road.

Immediate advice required.

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2015? I do hope you'll have your time machine along. :cool:

Your plan is a bit hectic because you're changing hotels every night. Otherwise it's doable. A little more relaxed will be 2 nights in Mussoorie, day trip to Dhanolti and Surkanda on the 7th. This can be done quite comfortably.
There is supposed to be a new road up to Surkanda for "light vehicles". I haven't seen it, so can't say if any car you hire can make it up or not. But even otherwise there are horses available to go uphill, at least during high season.

If you don't go to Tehri Dam, there's no point in going to Rishikesh via Chamba anyway, it's the long way; therefore drop this, stay a 2nd night in Muss as suggested and go to Rishikesh via Dehradun.

Cost- and convenience-wise it'll be simplest to hire one car at Dehradun for the whole trip, alternately at least for the hills part. Other than that, Mussoorie local can be done by local taxi (the taxi union has various fixed-points day trips, including to Dhanolti). Also Rishikesh and Haridwar.

GMVN is a decent option.

If there's a cold wave at the time, you might have snow at Dhanolti/Surkanda. Not very likely though.

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