For Kaluk Uttarey Pelling Ravangla Gangtok... Please HELP
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For Kaluk Uttarey Pelling Ravangla Gangtok... Please HELP

Hi, I am Samarpita from Kolkata. We have a plan to go to West and South Sikkim in the end of October... We will start on 30 th October from Bagdogra approximately at 2 pm... Our group will contain 7 elderly people ( everyone is senior citizens), 4 adults ( between 30- 45 years) and 1 little girl (8 years old)
We have sorted an itinerary... It follows:

30th October - Bagdogra to Kaluk ,night stay at Kaluk
31st October - also in Kaluk
1st November - will go to Uttarey, night stay at Uttarey
2ND November - start for Pelling, night stay at Pelling
3Rd November - also will be staying at Pelling
4th November - have plan to go Ravangla, and will stay at night.
5th November - also will stay in Ravangla
6th November - will go to Gangtok and will stay in Gangtok for another 2 days 7 th and 8th November

On 9th of the month we will start for NJP to catch the Darjeeling

Now I've Three Questions. 1. Is there anyone who can suggest us a Better Plan?
2. If we can follow our own itinerary then please tell us the places for sightseeing... To be very honest I have no idea other than about Rumtake Monastery and Tsongmo lake aka Chhangu Lake.
3.THE MOST IMPORTANT ENQUIRY : I'm more puzzled what car we should take for our journey... And what can be its cost?

So I 'll be obliged if anybody amongst IM forum can help me with my plans.

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Hi, I think you may drop the plan for night stay at Uttarey . Uttarey may be covered in a full day sightseeing trip either from Kaluk Or From Pelling. I would suggest you to cover Uttarey from Kaluk in a day trip (Covering Changey falls, Sinshore bridge & Uttarey Valley). Keep that Extra day for Gangtok . In that case you can comfortably have a 1N / 2D trip to Lachung , Yumthang & Zero Point from Gangtok. During November first week you may also get snow at Yumthang Valley / Zero Point :) Rest of your planning sounds good .

For hiring a suitable car for your group you may look at this thread.
| udta panchhi
Thank you so much Mr. Arupratan Ghost. We cannot go the northern part of Sikkim because of our elderly members cannot endure it. And thanks again for the thread about car rental.
| udta panchhi
Thank you so much Mr. Arupratan Ghosh. We cannot go the northern part of Sikkim because of our elderly members cannot endure it. And thanks again for the thread about car rental.
| udta panchhi

sorry Mr. Ghosh

I have messed up with my third post ... It was not intentional... but now I can not delete it....
I'm really really sorry.
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North SIkkim will not be a good idea as it involves lots of travelling. As seen, the group comprised of senior citizens and a 6 hours journey in those serpentine boulder roads will make the journey hectic and very very uncomfortable.

As rightly suggested by Arupratan Ghosh, Uttarey can be covered in a day. I can suggest an iternary:

a) 30th Oct: Bagdogra to Rinchenpong. I can suggest a very good hotel and the food served there is gem of its class. (Mr. Deven Basu: +91 9804412755). Bengali cuisines served here are THE BEST!!!
b) 31st Oct: Whole day stay at Rinchenpong and explore the beauty of its market, Ravindra Smriti Van, Rinchenpong monastry.
c) 1st Nov: Hire a car and visit Uttarey. On the way visit the famous Singshore bridge. On return, evening can be spent at Kaluk. Kaluk is only 3-5 kms from Rinchenpong and is very lonely. You need not stay a full day at Kaluk.
d) 2nd Nov: Visit at Peling. Night stay can be done at Peling. The whole day can be spent in leisure. If you want to save one day, you can do a whole day sight seeing on the same day. Places to visit: Khangchendzonga water falls, Khecheopalri lake, Rabdentse Palace ruins
e) 3rd Nov: You can visit Ravangla and on the way can visit Chardhaam, Buddha park. Night stay at Ravangla.
f) 4th Nov: You can hire a vehicle and proceed towards Gangtok. Evening spend time at MG marg. Also please fix a travel plan with travel agency for your visit at Changu lake, baba mandir, Nathula. There are plenties of travel agents in and around MG marg. If you want, I can give the contact details of some of them whom with I have the experience.
g) 5th Nov: Proceed towards Changu lake trip.
h) 6th Nov: Sight seeing in and around Gangtok. Please include Rumtek Monastry.

Please note: carry copies of passport sized photoes and voter ID cards when travelling to Sikkim.
Sourabh Bose

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| udta panchhi
Thank you so much Mr. Sourabh Bose... Your message also help us a lot.
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hiii , rinchenpong kaluk barmiok all are in same lane , but location wise barmiok is best , go directly to barmiok , stay overnight , book a car , go for local sightseeing , and go straight to pelling Vai uttarey , in this way you will also cover half day sightseeing trip of pelling as well , a route is available and trust me you will love it and save day , pelling hell lot of accommodation available , choose wisely , next day go ravangla and enroute do rest of sightseeing , its a long route but its simply lovely , in ravangla hotel blue spring is best , next day do namchi chardham tour and overnight ravangla , next day move to Gangtok and spend rest of the day , you can defenately add one night in pelling but pelling is no more a heaven , best of luck
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We have made a plan keeping in mind of our elderly members...

30th October---by 10.30 Indigo flight 'll be reaching Bagdogra;will go straight to Kaluk...will be staying there 31st also.
Then 1st November--- we will reach Chhayataal and will stay there for couple of days.
On 3rd November we will start for Pelling via Uttarey...and on 5th of November will go to Ravangla...
Then on 7th we will go to Gangtok and on 9th we will catch the Darjeeling Mail from NJP.

[This ITINERARY has been made according to our convenience]
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nice , few things I will add , please do book your hotel and do it very carefully , 2ndly road to chayatal is very bad , most of the time its not in good condition , as we also could not go , so keep this things in mind , otherwise great itenary made
| udta panchhi
Dear Mr. Bose,

Thanks for letting me know about the condition of the road to Chhayataal. I'll definitely consult it with my other companions.

We have already booked our hotels,flight tickets and also train tickets...


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