Destination indecision!
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Destination indecision!

We're off to see India for 3 weeks from mid September to early October. While I've been once before, my partner and our teenage daughter are first-timers.
Our destination conundrum is this:

travel through rajasthan (Jod, jais and ud) which would satisfy the 'visual feast' factor, provide desert ambience and general cultural buzz BUT I fear may be too hot at this time of year (34 degrees average?) and too tout heavy


head south to goa and karnataka (benaulim, hampi, mysore and the coorg) which provides some history, some green (nature) and may be a more agreeable climate.

We'll be based in Delhi due to the Taj. I would appreciate any concrete information about climate or first-time recommendations...please, before the pleasure of the trip is taken over by indecision!!!


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If you are tied to Delhi as an initial base stick with the north. It's a hell of a long way south to Goa and Karnataka. Do you want to be flying all your trip 'cos it's a long way by train?

I am not saying it won't get hot then but I am not sure it will be too unbearable in late September / early Oct., especially if you are based in Australia and used to hot weather. It's the back end of the summer in Rajasthan.

Be ready for the touts everywhere - that shouldn't sway your decision on where to go.

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Thanks Rab. We were planning on flying into goa and out of bangalore, but having never flown domestically around India, I'm not sure if that would mean alot of standing around at airports.
Good to hear that you don't think the heat would be too bad in rajasthan...we don't want to be spending all our time in a/c hotel rooms!
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I can't comment on the weather since I was in Rajasthan in January, but I really loved the area, and so I'd recommend it based on that. Udaipur was my favorite. It's a city that's doing well economically and I thought all of the miniature painting shops were great. Plus, everyone there was exceptionally nice to us and went out of their way to ask us where we were from and tell us about the city.
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We are no experts on the south but if you think Rajasthan will be hot--Goa and Hampi will be steamy!! IWe don't think temperature will be the deciding factor here. If you can afford it, with flights you could spend 4 or 5 days in Goa and then about two weeks in Rajasthan--then you'd get to sample both. But then Hampi is awesome......hmmmm... your indecision is wearing off on us.......
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Mid-Sept. to Oct. is a good time to visit the hills - Himachal or Uttaranchal.
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not a great time for Goa, alas. It will likely still be rainy and choppy with treacherous currents. I like the Himalaya idea best, and of course the area around Mysore/Bangalore is pleasantly not too hot around then.
| Member many options! I think our domestic harmony may be irrevocably shattered if yet another route is suggested (eg the himalayas) -might have to save that for next time. Temperature does matter to some degree (sorry) when you're travelling around, particularly in India.
I'm still not sure exactly how warm rajasthan will be at this time of the year but a steamy & rainy Goa and Hampi don't sound too appealling.
Thanks for all the feedback.

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