Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Udaipur, Jodhpur
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Delhi, Varanasi, Agra, Udaipur, Jodhpur

I'd like your advice/comment about my planned itinerary.

First, I'm 41, my partner is 51, and we're the backpack type of travelers. We've been to USA, Europe, Chile, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

It will be our first time in India!

We'll arrive in Delhi on February 5th and we'll fly back home from Delhi again on Februaray 19th. We have 13 full days to spend in India but we'll need to go back to Delhi on our last day. Here' the itinerary we've planned so far:

Delhi (2 days)
Varanasi (2 days)
Agra (1 or 2 days, depending if we go to Fatehpur Sikri or not)
Udaipur (2 days)
Jodhpur (2 days)

We'll use a combination of night trains, day trains and buses. Our budget is in the medium bracket. We really want to go to Varanasi and we took out Jaipur because it's another big city and we think Udaipur and Jodhpur may be more interesting. We took out Jaisalmer also because we don't want to do a camel safari. We want to keep 2-3 days for transportation and possible unexpected.

Would you change the order or modify something in my itinerary?

Any suggestion about the best way to travel from one place to another in my itinerary?

Thank you for sharing your precious advice with me :)

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That's a lot of travel in 13 days. I'd consider leaving Varanasi for next time and concentrate on Delhi and Rajasthan. If your budget allows a car and driver is a convenient way to get around and see as much as possible. But an overnight train trip is a must.
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It is indeed a lot of traveling. But I like the choice of cities you made.
To reduce travel time take as often as you can an overnight train.
For planning of the trains is easy to use.

Between Udaipur to Jodhpur is no railway connection, you must take a bus or hire a car.
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Do not miss Fatehpur Sikri. You have missed out on Jaipur. If you do not utilize the reserve 2 or 3 days, perhaps you can visit Mathura and Vrindavana. Night trains are good options. The only problem is Jodhpur/Udaipur (or Udaipur/Jodhpur) travel, which has to be done by road.
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Thank you!

Thank you to Hal, vonkla and Aupmanyav!

I thought about skipping Varanasi but I think I would be missing something...

I will probably use night trains and book through or . Have you ever booked train tickets through those websites???

And between Jodhpur and Udaipur I will take the bus.

Thank you to all!:)
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Thank you

Thank you to Hal, vonkla and Aupmanyav!

I thougt about skipping Varanasi but I think I will miss something and I will regret...

I will probably use the night trains...have you ever booked through or ?

And use the bus between Jodhpur and Udaipur.

Again, thank you to all for your advice and comments.:)
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Booking through IRCTC is the subject of many threads here and the cause of many grey hairs, but I didn't find it too bad after reading all the instructions here. Use the Axis gateway for foreign credit cards. And if it's MasterCard, call them first or they'll block any transaction to do with India.
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travel friends

Headed there near those dates. Traveling alone headed to Varranasi first. Wanna talk about travel friends. 44 american from Chicago. I will be there a month alone.

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