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mesh44 Jan 8th, 2008 18:29

Delhi to Nawanshahr

Can you tell me the distance (in KM) from Delhi to Nawanshahr in Punjab by road, please.

How long will it take?

How much should it cost for a one-way journey for the driver and car? and last question for now :D Any recommendations for which driver/car company to use?

Many thanks

shashank.aggarwal Jan 8th, 2008 19:18

I have not heard about this place ! Can you tell us which is the nearest city or some popular town ?

mesh44 Jan 8th, 2008 21:11

Thanks for the reply.

Nawanshahr is in Punjab somewhere near Ludhiana. Not sure how far from Ludhiana thou.


machadinha Jan 8th, 2008 21:14

Some links to what seem to be municipal sites at the bottom of that.

capt_mahajan Jan 8th, 2008 21:29

Nawanshahr is about 100km from Chandigarh and about 350 km from Delhi... IIRC it is veryclose to Jalandhar. (note, distances may be out a bit)

Should be about 7 hours drive.

Taxi rates, take about 5.50/6 rupees a km for a Tata Indica, but you will probably have to pay both ways if the taxi is taken at Delhi. Will be easier to take a train to Jalandhar or even Chandigarh.

Edit, not a train expert, but you may get a train going there.

Again, not sure, but I think it is called Shahid Bhagat singh nagar now, since he was born there.

nirola Jan 8th, 2008 21:55

Please add 3 toll tax barrier cost that around 150 Rs and any car will do as the roads are pretty good.

I will give you an alternative .... broad a shatabadi from New delhi railway station upto Ludhiana or Jalandhar and then can go from there by car. I hope that will help.

mesh44 Jan 8th, 2008 22:02

Thanks for all the replies.

Is there any website that can give me distance from place A to place B in India? for example Ludhiana to Nawanshahr.

Google maps is great but they haven't added distances to the site.

I have a total of 6 adults traveling with suitcases - Which is the best car and the estimated cost.

Tanks again

karnail Jan 8th, 2008 22:17

So many options in trains, check Indian Railways. For carrying Six large suitcases you will need a Safari, Tavera or the Toyota type of thing, Depending the driver agrees.

machadinha Jan 8th, 2008 22:19

<cross-posted with Karnail>

I think there are some that operate with varying degrees of reported success. You could try the Maps forum and see if you find something there.

Many members seem to swear by this site, I don't know if they do driving distances and if so, how accurate:

[Edit: They do, it seems. They don't offer a permalink for results; just use the "from-to" boxes on top of their main page, then follow instructions.]

capt_mahajan Jan 8th, 2008 23:14

second mach.. mapmyindia is quite good.

mesh44 Jan 9th, 2008 00:01

Many thanks for link guys. It gives a clueless person some idea on distances and times :)

If Taxi rates, take about 5.50/6 rupees a km for a Tata Indica. How much should I budget for a Safari, Tavera or the Toyota type ?

capt_mahajan Jan 9th, 2008 00:04

around 10/11 for a Toyota Innova, airconditioned.

shashank.aggarwal Jan 9th, 2008 00:39

Rs 7 for Tavera, Rs. 8 for Toyota Innvoa, without AC, Add couple of Rs. for AC. Even if we consider that you will be paying for both sides, as per estimate you have to pay for 700 Innova at Rs.8, you have to pay Rs.5600, and you are six, so it works out to be less than Rs.1000 per head. I would consider it a good option since you have heavy luggage, and it would save a lot of time.

I am sure that Shatabadi won't charge less than Rs.400-500 per head for this route, add to that transportation cost from the airport to the station, after that you might have to rent a hotel to wait for the train. Once you reach Jalandhar or Ludhiana then again you have to hire local transport to reach your destination, that means the cost would eventually be equal to what you will pay for a car and with a lot less hassle..

So my 2 cents is look for a reliable taxi service operator on Indiamike and book an Innova...

mesh44 Jan 9th, 2008 01:21


So much valuable information -- many thanks.

[Blush] Call me "Thick" with a capital T, if you like - however I can't find the "reliable taxi service operator on Indiamike" section -

machadinha Jan 9th, 2008 02:02


Originally Posted by mesh44 (Post 429143)
however I can't find the "reliable taxi service operator on Indiamike" section -

There is none. You may find some reports and recommendations; how reliable those are is anyone's guess.

Are you arriving to Delhi by flight? Might have some suggestions.

As might (scroll around those pages; open during business hours, and this may be outdated). The newer site is at ; from previous glances I wasn't too impressed with their detailedness.

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