april/may honeymoon - recommendations?

#1 Dec 2nd, 2002, 04:19
selina Future Member

I wonder can anyone offer some advice for a somewhat harried honeymoon planner?!! My partner and I would like to honeymoon in India as we have both long held an interest in the country's history. The trouble is we can only spend a fortnight and have to go in early May. I realise that temperatures can be intimidatingly high in some of the most well-known tourist destinations at that time of year - Rajasthan had appealed, but I fear the heat would render us both catatonic! Does anyone have any suggestions for a fairly relaxed destination, with some beautiful scenery, interesting cultural landmarks, and some small independent, comfortable hotel where we can hole up for a fortnight and take our ease, with the odd spot of swimming, birdwatching and possibly hill-walking to be done? Or are we chasing a white elephant? All suggestions are welcome! Many thanks.
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I would recommend Kerala, from personal experience. It is a state in the southern tip of India. The scenery is beautiful. My recommendations:
1. Munnar - Hill station, with cool weather, tea estates, lots of sight seeing places nearby, including climbing opportunities. Lots of resorts, including the Tall Trees. Decide whether you want to stay in a resort near (6km) or far (20km) from the city of Munnar, as it impacts travel time.
2. Periyar - Wildlife sanctuary
3. Kumarakom - Excellent resorts
4. Cochin - some historical monuments, including some Jewish history
5. Spend a day (and night) in a house-boat, with your own personal chef, and two boatmen, lots of privacy, very romantic.
There are lots of places within Kerala, including beaches, hill stations etc to see. Lots of excellent hotels too. Contact a good travel agent or I can recommend you the one we used :-)
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Shimla !

Try Shimla. As it's a honeymoon, you won't be scrimping on hotels, and there are some fine hotels here if you are willing to pay $30-50 (like the Woodville Palace, built in the 1930s)

Shimla is a great place for hill-walking - The Mall in the centre of town is traffic free, and people stroll alng here in their finery in an evening. You can get yourselves dressed up and photographed in traditional Himachali clothes here - a honeymoon picture to remember! Plenty of other walks suggest themselves if you start exploring the paths around.

Chail, a lovely place near Shimla, would be somewhere to head for wildlife watching. There's a small refuge here. Tatopani, a bit further out, is a small village with simple hot springs. Naldehra has the highest golf course in India and is a pleasant place to walk around.

Getting to Shimla is also great fun. Take the Viceroy's railcar from Kalka (overnight train here from Delhi) which goes through 102 tunnels!

Because it's the peak season for Shimla, prices are a bit higher than the rest of the year, and you may need to book to get into favoured hotels, but there's a lot of accomodation here. And it's C*O*O*L because you're around 2000m above sea level!
#4 Dec 3rd, 2002, 00:31
archits Future Member
the moutains are the best...pm me for more specific details
#5 Dec 5th, 2002, 03:59
selina Future Member


Many thanks to layman and midnite toker for your suggestions. I'm off to buy the guidebooks and will look with particular interest at Kerala and Shimla (having read 'Kim' recently, I'll be expecting to meet undercover sherpa agents around the bazaar . . . .!) Chail and Tatopani sound beautiful, I'm not sure about the golf, but there's a first time for everything. Archits, I'll quiz you for further details as you suggest, once I work out how to change my profile to enable the 'pm' function.
#6 Dec 5th, 2002, 07:32
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Shimla is good but very busy specially in summer . Consider - Almora, Kausani, Chamba, Dalhausi, Kinnaur, Manali, Sarahan, etc when you go thru the travel guide
#7 Jun 19th, 2003, 11:04
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honeymoon beach, gokarna :-D
#8 Jun 19th, 2003, 11:35
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I personally won't recommend Shimla. I went to shimla last weekend and found it OVERCROWDED.
I am with Layman on Kerala. It is beautiful. you can enjoy beaches , back-waters, hill stations, forests, rivers , greenary ...
#9 Jun 19th, 2003, 22:18
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Originally posted by selina
(having read 'Kim' recently, I'll be expecting to meet undercover sherpa agents around the bazaar . . . .!) .
If you enjoyed Kim ( and Sherlock Holmes) you might want to check out "The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes" a Kipling/Doyle pastische written by a exile Tibetan .

More in Great Yarn ! thread
#10 Jun 19th, 2003, 22:41
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Try the Ananda Spa in Rishikesh. They have a website: www.anandaspa.com. It is quite expensive and have their rates published on the net.

The other option are the Lakshwadeep islands.
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I'm no expert but basically you can decide between the northern mountains or the southern beaches, as the Northern plains will be way too hot. Having said that, even if you head South there are hill stations so you may be able to combine a bit of both. I haven't been to Kerala so can't comment but I have been to Himachal Pradesh (Himalayas) which is absolutely beautiful. It gets better the further North you go. Shimla is very popular with Indian honeymooners so you might find that interesting but Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamsala are much more spectacular and are centres for trekking and various adventure stuff like rafting etc. If you have time you could go all the way up to Leh. I've never been but I've heard it is an awesome experience. Darjeeling/Sikkim are also popular mountain spots but a long way from Himachal Pradesh.
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I would recommend Udaipur normally but it will be too bleedin hot then. I like the middle class feel of Mussoori but you have to come down sometime. What is the weather like in Kerala at that time? I would be tempted to fly there first and close with Mussoori when it gets hot..
#13 Sep 14th, 2003, 11:10
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I suggest you MANALI in Himachal Pradesh . It's well connected with Simla- delhi. Nearest airport is KULU.
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Hello Selina,
I'm with midnite toker and indiaguide. You could fit in both Shimla and Manali. May is too hot unless you are in the mountains. Both towns are within a days travel from Delhi, and each other, and you could fit in a good trek, anything from 1 to 10 days, and both towns offer every standard of hotels. But as snain has said, Shimla can be overcrowded.
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offbeat is what u chud look for !!

No it depends on if u want to go offbeat or u wish to be in the herd...have done rajasthan and kerela.....havent been to shimla coz its ususally whr all honeymooners go in india....hills is whr u shud be heading to.....

Now offbeaten trails....are like sikkim....not many recoomend but its fantabolous....u cud try this new state of chattisgarh as well whr u got lots of sancturies to go to....rajasthan is a no no right now.....for hillls the easier one cud be uttaranchal ( i saw a post abt ananda...its good but expensive) ...naukuchaital....binsar and munsiyarri...some places in Himanchel pradesh (dont get bogged down by the names)......like macleodgunj...or khajiryarr....they are near shimla but very less crowded....and more beautiful..

Kerela anyday is recommended coz of all it cud offer.....tea plantations on hills....at munnar...the wildlife santuary at periyaar....the anthrapally falls....the great backwaters...and finally ...relaxing at kovalam........have done this and it was an amazing experience.......

Concerns money/time/climate.....check for whats the best time to go.....u cud go to hills and that wud be manageable within a week......for kerela wud recommend 8-10 days....rest check ur itenary and net is full of other info....
....hope this helps.


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