Any suggestions to my itinerary
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Any suggestions to my itinerary

Hi I will be heading off to Mumbai from Berlin on the 9th of November for the second year in row with two friends of mine and since we will be traveling in the south (where I havn't been yet) would be happy for any suggestions you may have regarding our itinerary. We will be traveling to:
Pyrarar (if thats how u spell it) Nature reserve
Goa Area
Mumbai and back home :(

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Hampi was one of my favourite places to wander around. Have you considered Mysore instead of Bangalore - fantastic market full of flowers and coloured powders (great photo opportunities). I was there at the beginning of Diwali and they had some great processions with elephants, camels etc and the palace was all lit up....looked like Disneyland or something. The backwater trip is interesting - lots to see (quite a long day though). The houseboats looked pretty amazing if you have the budget! Kochi was wonderful - go down and see the fisherman working with their nets at the point, wander the european-look streets, browse the Jewtown antique shops (and wish you had more room in your backpack). The synagogue is interesting (and if you've ever read Salman Rushdie's "The Moor's Last Sigh" then check ot the floor tiles). I also spent about four weeks at Kovalam - had planned on Varkala but it was just after the rainy season and Varkala didn't have much of it's beach back yet. Stayed in a great place on the beach - a good bargain as tourism was right down (straight after Sept 11 last year). The seafood was delicious.

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