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ajantrix Mar 5th, 2012 04:24

Alipurduar-Buxa-Jayanti trip advice (Dooars)
Dear all,

Three of us are planning a 5 day trip from Kolkata to Dooars in North Bengal in the first week of July. Yes, you guessed it right! We want to experience monsoon in the lush green rolling plains. We would like to trek a little in the forests and overall enjoy a relaxing trip, stay at places where there are interesting/quaint/off the beaten trail walks/strolls nearby. Overall, we would love to have a feel of monsoon in Dooars and seep in the beauty of the forests and rivers. Below is an itinerary we drew up (we have accommodation in Alipurduar at a friend's place). We are budget travelers, and not looking for anything fancy as far as accommodation goes. We would love to stay in places which are small but decent with provisions for local food.

Please advice us on the itinerary, on the following points...

1. Could we tweak it here and there to make it more interesting, given the kind of vacation we are seeking?

2. Could we incorporate other places or off-the beaten track locales?

3. What are the best places to stay at Buxaduar and Jayanti? Where can we get cheapest rates for accommodation?

4. What are the places one could visit from Jayanti (within walkable distance. Or maybe within a day trip)

5. How to reach Santrabari from Alipurduar, and how long does it take?

6. Any other trek routes that might be beautiful in the monsoon?

7. Any advice/tip to deal with the monsoon specially for doing photography? (We would be carrying SLR cameras)

8. We would love to get an estimated cost for the proposed itinerary. That would help us budget in advance.

9. Local seasonal food we should try out?

10. Spotting wildlife would definitely be a plus (but that is not our first priority). But as we understand, Gorumara and Jaldapara might be closed in the first week of July (Is that right? Any information regarding the dates would be appreciated). So we were wondering if there are any suggestions as to how we might increase our chances of glimpsing some fauna, perhaps?

Any other comments are most welcome :)

Thanks in advance
______________________________ ___________________

Day 0: Board train at night from Kolkata. Reach Alipurduar next morning. Nightstay at Alipurduar.

Day 1: Early morning go to Santrabari by bus (? how exactly to reach there?). 5 Km trek to Buxaduar through the jungle. Reach Buxaduar in the afternoon. Explore Buxa fort. Nightstay at Buxaduar

Day 2: Stay and explore around Buxaduar. Possibilities to explore nearby (walkable distance around 3-4 Kms) - Lepchakha, Rover's Point (Sadar Bazar), walk around forest. Nightstay at Buxa.

Day 3: Early morning trek to Jayanti. 12 km downhill. reach Jayanti in the afternoon evening. stay at PHE bungalow. It's a full moon night.:)

Day 4: Stay at and explore around Jayanti. Walk around river bed, walk around the village. Just relax. Nightstay at Jayanti.

Day 5: back to Alipurduar. Stay the night and back to Kolkata on Day 6 morning.

tanugang Apr 1st, 2014 15:16

Hi Ajantrix,

Did you make the trip?Its long since. I will visit Buxa,Jayanti on the verge of Mansoon i.e. around June.So would like to know your travel story in short (as its really long since :) )
Thanks in advnace

Anusree Apr 1st, 2014 19:58

Last month I went to Jayanti - Buxa - i can answer some of your queries.

3. If you want to stay at Jayanti, Banante lodge will be the best option as it is just beside the riverbed.

Banante Lodge, Contact Number – 9609931857
Room rate – Rs.1200/- for Double Bed room & Rs.1400/- for four bed room
Food Rate – Rs.400/- per day per head

We went to Buxaduar & came back on the same day. so not very sure whether there have any specific accommodations or not. Though there are plenty of houses of local people.

4. From Jayanti, you can actually make a whole day plan.
a) You can visit to Pokhri lake for which you have to trek for 1 km
b) You can go to Rajabhatkhawa Museum
c) You can go for Mahakal Trek (But again not sure whether it can be done in Monsoon or not)

SOUVO4U Apr 1st, 2014 21:50

HI tanugang

anusree has already answered your second part of the itinerary, let me answer the first part.

Day 0: Board train at night from Kolkata. Reach Alipurduar next morning. Nightstay at Alipurduar.

Day 1: travel to Santrabari by car ( 600 for maruti van / 300 for auto & 250 entry fee to the park ) 5 Km trek to Buxaduar through the jungle. DO NOT STAY THERE. GO AHEAD 2.5 KM TO REACH LEPCHA KHA.

Day 2: Stay and explore around Lepcha kha ( optional )

Day 3: Early morning trek to Jayanti. 12 km downhill ( OR get the contact no of the first day car tell him to pick you up from saltalabari for jayanti ( only 8 km
so not worth it u might, might get a car in santalabari)

Day 4: Stay at and explore around Jayanti. Walk around river bed, walk around the village. Just relax. Nightstay at Jayanti.

Day 5: back to Alipurduar for late evening train.

back to Kolkata on Day 6 morning.



tanugang Apr 3rd, 2014 19:22

Thanks Anusree,Souvo4U.

I have one further question for you people -
-is there any govt,WBFDC bungalow at Jayanti?If yes, Booking procedure ?

Tnx in advance:)

chaka Apr 3rd, 2014 22:50

Try this link for WBFDC Bungalow in Jayanti.

Online booking is also possible from here.

deydebojyoti1967 Apr 26th, 2014 11:31

Hi, every body,
We are planning to visit Jayanti, Lepchakha. Please suggest me a good itenary and give me accomodation information at Lepchakha, i.e, how to book.
We are starting 24/05 by Kamrup Exp. will travel up to Alipurduar and return ticket on 28/05 from NJP. We got at name, Rovers Inn at Jayanti, will it be a good choice to stay ?
Also give some idea for contacting guide for Forest tour & Lepchakha Tour.
Thanking every one and looking for your suggestion
Debojyoti Dey

Legend Feb 12th, 2015 00:23

Will we get cab for jayanti from alipurduar station? If yes any idea on current rate? one more thing how to track back from jayanti to Alipurduar i.e how to arrange a cab to drop us at the station from jayanti?

asishdas Feb 12th, 2015 00:37

1. You will get cabs from Alipur Duar Station to Jayanti. There will be lot of cabs, if fact. The drivers would be after you as soon as you arrive there.
2. I have no idea about the current drop charges.
3. For your return journey from Jayanti to Alipur Duar, again you will get lot of cabs from Jayanti. Now a days, quite a few locals have bought cars of various sizes and makes and they offer these cars on hire. Every Hotels, Homestyas, Holiday Homes etc. have tie up with one or more such car operators and these cars would be made availabale just for asking.

SOUVO4U Feb 12th, 2015 11:51

Last month the sumo charged us 1000 fr the drop as they said they have to come back empty, which is a fact. And there would be a entry fee of 250 for the car which needs to be paid at Rajabhatkhawa entry point.

Legend Feb 12th, 2015 21:16

Day 0 : take train to Dalgaon / Hasimara.kanchankanya exp...

Day 1 : After reaching dalgaon/hasimara go to jaldapara..afternoon jeep safari... night stay at jaldapara tourist lodge.

Day 2 : early morning elephant safari....came back at the lodge..have breakfast ...start for jayanti... After reaching alipurduar go to jayanti by cab... after lunch start for buxa fort... night stay at jayanti...

Day 3 : Pukhri hills & pond....Bada mahakal & hatipota...night saty at jayanti

Day 4 : Bhutan ghat & Raidak.... Buxa tiger reserve forest ...back to jayanti...

Day 5 : start for alipurduar after lunch...visit jalpesh temple & take train in the afternoon...At train

Day 6 : Reaching howrah in the early morning...

Now I have some doubts ...

1 > On day 2 after elephant safari how to reach the hasimara station from jaldapara tourist lodge? Are cabs available there easily or we had to prebook them ?

2> Day 2.5, 3 , 4 is there anything to add or do we need to change anything in the itinerary?

3> What is the distance of bada mahakal from the grass land? How much time will it take provided I am a moderate trekker...

4> If we don't take a cab fully reserved for the whole 3 days at jayanti? How to book cab for individual days? approx cost for those individual days itinerary?

5> How much time should we spare to visit buxa interception centre(Is there anymore?) ...what other things are there to see at buxa tiger reserve forest?

6> Is the buxa safari worth provided we already would have done jeep & elephant safari at Jaldapara?

7> How many days prior do we need to book Jaldapara tourist lodge... Cesc Abakash & PHE at Jayanti?

Thanks in advance...

asishdas Feb 12th, 2015 22:01

My responses:

1. You will get plenty of Cabs around the Tourist Lodge. Alternatively, you may ask the Lodge staff to get a cab for you. You can also ask the Driver, who would be taking you to Tourist Lodge on the first day. Absolutely, there will be no problem whatsoever.
2. Hatipota and Bhutan Ghat (Raidak is a river on whose bank Bhutan Ghat is located) are on the same side. So, my suggestion would be to add Hatipota with Bhutan Ghat.
3. There is a Watch Tower near Bhutia Basti (don't remember correctly, but it may be Chunia Watch Tower or some such name). You can add this spot along with your Day-3 program. If you are lucky you may be able to come across a few wild animals from this Tower.
4. No idea about Bada Mahakal as I had not gone there.
5. I think you mean Buxa Interpretation Center. This, as per my knowledge, is located at Rajabhatkhaowa and perhaps it is called "Nature Interpretation Center". Personally speaking, I did not find it very interesting and its upkeep is very very poor. If you have time, you can have a go; otherwise you can easily give it a miss.
6. If you consider sighting wild animal is your main attraction, Buxa may not offer anything spectacular as compared to Jaldapara WLS. But if you love flora and fauna, Buxa forest is much reacher than Jaldapara. In my opinion, characteristics of these two forest, through located side by side, are quite different and I can assure you that you will love your safari in Buxa as much as you liked it in Jaldapara.
7. You don't need to book exclusive cabs for your entire strech of stay; and everywhere you will get cabs easily as per your need. There is absolutely no need to pre book. Gone are the days when cabs were not available easily in these areas. Now, owning cars and offering these cars to the tourists on hire have become a regular means of livelihood for the locals here. I am not sure whether this is good or bad for ecology, but this has surely made the life easier for the tourists.
8. I have not booked Jaldapara Tourist Lodge earlier; hence I'm not in a position to comment on booking procedure of the same.

Hope, this helps.

Legend Feb 12th, 2015 22:41

thanks a lot kaku...Do you have any contact no of Cab Drivers ?:confused:

asishdas Feb 13th, 2015 00:47

Guide, Homestay & Car Owner & Driver, Jayanti
Phone: 3564- 203157, 3561- 286710

Last time when we had been to Jayanti, we hired him. He is a localite, a forest Deptt employee and very knowledgeable person. I could accomplish my long cherished desire to visit Bhutan Ghat with his assitance only. He is based at Jayanti and had a Tata Sumo.

Legend Feb 13th, 2015 01:02

What rate did he offer to you for the cab? Or is it a package based trip?

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