Agra to Delhi by train vs car - least chance of delay?
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Agra to Delhi by train vs car - least chance of delay?

We will be returning to Delhi from Agra on the same day our overnight train for Jaisalmer leaves Delhi at 17:30. We would prefer to take the train back to Delhi but the Shatabdi Express arrives too late for us to make our overnight train.
Would it be too risky to take another earlier train? We're a little worried that if it was delayed we might miss the Jaisalmer train. I guess the other option is hiring a car and driver but hate to spend 5 hours in the car.
Thanks for your help.

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What train are you getting to Agra?

The early morning Shatabdi?

Also, what are you interested in seeing in Agra?

Do you also want to see Fathepur Sikri? (you should)

What date will you be visiting Agra?
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There's a 3rd option.

Bandikui is about 120km from Fathepur Sikri, maybe 2 hours 30 minutes.

If you hired a taxi in Agra, take it first to Fathepur Sikri, then on to Bandikui, you could comfortably watch the sun go down in Fathepur Sikri, then take the taxi to catch your train, it departs Bandikui Jn at 21:57.

The taxi should cost Rs2500-3000 (check with others, this is a bit of a guess).

You would need to go to the foreign tourist reservation office in New Delhi station the day before and change your boarding point to Bandikui, if you don't do this, your berths will be gone long before Bandikui.
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We are taking the 6:15 Shatabdi express from Delhi to Agra on Tuesday, January 31,staying 2 nights in Agra and then returning to New Delhi on Thursday the 2nd. Our train for Jaisalmer leaves at 5:30pm that day so I assume we will have to leave Agra by lunchtime to be sure to make it back in time.
We want to see the Taj Mahal, the fort, Fathepur Sikri and would love to have a little open time to explore Agra if we can, but I realize that's a lot to try to pack in.
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Thank you for the suggestion Steve but I don't see how that option would work since our Jaisalmer train leaves Delhi at 5:30pm.
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Seattlered, don't forget your Jaisalmer train leaves from the Old Delhi station. You'll have to change stations if coming into New Delhi. Allow yourself some time for that.
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Thank you for the suggestion Steve but I don't see how that option would work since our Jaisalmer train leaves Delhi at 5:30pm.

You are planning to catch 14659 Delhi Jaisalmer Express, which leaves Delhi at 17:30.

Steve is suggesting you to catch the same train at 21:55 Hrs from Bandikui Jn (where it stops for 2 minutes). And further suggesting you to get the boarding station shifted.

Bandikui is nearer to Fatehpur than Delhi! :)

Hope now picture is clear for you!
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Oh!! Thank you Steve for the suggestion and Prakaant for the clarification. Seems like a great idea!
Also, Drews60 I am SO glad you mentioned that about the station in Delhi, I didn't even realize that. I guess if I follow Steve's suggestion I won't have to deal with that.
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Yes, it would be great if you catch train at Bandikui!
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So finally your problem got solved. this is the beauty of IM.
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But you must change your boarding point when you're in Delhi.
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Thanks so much. I love that suggestion, and it's true that I would have never known if it weren't for IndiaMike and of course you, Steve. Should I assume that I will have no problem changing the ticket?
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You need not change your ticket. You just request Delhi Station Manager about your desire to change boarding point(Bandikui). Please remember that no other station can change your boarding point. They will change your boarding point in their system and will write on the same ticket "boarding point changed to Bandikui at 2155 hours". Happy journey.
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Steve said I need to go to new delhi station the day before to change it but I will be in Agra then. Can I change it in Delhi a couple of days earlier, or change it in Agra?
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Yes, any day you can get it changed. But not after charting is done. Charting is done four hours prior to the departure of train.

Post script:

This post is void since arrival of Post #19 which says boarding station should be changed 24 hours prior to journey.