Agra to Delhi by train vs car - least chance of delay?
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It's a side lower. I'm not sure I get that - which one is more desirable - side lower or upper?

Side lower is better for 2 reasons, no need to climb, and you have a seat no matter what time you wake up in the morning, and you don't need to wait for others to wake up.

However, side lower has 1 disadvantage, the 2 backrests come down to form the lower berth, and where they join there is a very hard joint half way along the berth that can ve very uncomfortable if you sleep on your side.
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Oh, I see. I sure appreciate all the help on this.
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It may be best to stick with your Delhi tickets and change the boarding point.

I completely agree with steven_ber. You better stick to your old ticket and change the boarding point from Delhi Station Manager.

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