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Louise May 14th, 2005 22:38

Advice on my itinerary please!?
Hello all

I am planning a trip to India in December, during the two weeks preceding Christmas and am trying to get my head around an itinerary. We can fly in and out of Delhi or Kathmandu for the same price, and whilst I would love to see Kathmandu I don't think that it is workable on this trip. These are the places I would like to include and would appreciate your thoughts on how to get between places to spend the optimum time in each. I am also open to suggestions/improvements too. Also, my partner and I love shopping so think that perhaps a little extra time in Delhi may be good.


SHIMLA May 14th, 2005 22:43

You can do :

Delhi(3days)-Varanasi(2 days)-Agra(2days)-Ranthambhore(2days)-Jaipur(3days)-Udaipur(2days).

Travelling by train will be suitable.

Louise May 14th, 2005 22:53

Thanks for your very quick response! I should have put that we would need to travel back to Delhi for our plane back home so perhaps we would need another night there? Are you suggesting train between all those places or can we take a car and driver? Sorry, but I have no idea of the distances and, despite my best efforts, my research so far is making me go round in circles!

cathode May 15th, 2005 00:04

i would definately recomend goa during that time..

Louise May 15th, 2005 00:18

Thank you but I have been to Goa and also Kerala so want a different type of holiday on this occasion.

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