6 weeks in india.where to go
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6 weeks in india.where to go

hello i am planning on backpacking through southern india for 6 weeks in feb. i want to aviod big cities and relax in as many smaller towns to enjoy the culture/people/sights /tastes of india in a relaxing and budget manner
from mumbai i want to follow coastline and concentrate on goa/kernataka/kerala.
r these the right states for what i am looking for?
is goa overpriced and flooded with tourists...should i go straight to kerala?
in 6 weeks can i cover this and get good feeling of them,or should i experience more/less states?
thank you i cannot wait to experience your wonderful country
enjoyed 6 weeks in southern india and saving up to go back..
i never hated.....yet loved

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it sounds like a good plan. in feb goa will be rather crowded but i'm sure you'll be able to get away when you want to. and in reply to another question, yes there is more to goa than beaches. perhaps you can spend a week there and then head down south. Don't miss hampi. two weeks in kerala should be enough. allow some time for travelling.
if you want to follow the coastline it will be better to go to madikeri and mysore and then on to kerala. hampi is a little out of the way but try to go there.
good luck
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To complete the trip, you can visit Kanya Kumari, at the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent.
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I spent a month in Karnataka. There are all sorts of gems just waiting to be discovered... it seems a bit less traveled than other places, which I can't understand. The people of Karnataka have such pride in their state, their language, always offered suggestions on things to see and were always asking me if I'd seen this temple/garden/theatre/park or whatever. It was quite touching.

You probably don't want to head straight to Kerala if you want to avoid all the tourists -- there are lots of tourists there too. It's high season anytime in the south in February. But for me, after being in Thailand in the LOW season, I don't think I'll ever complain about flocks of tourists anywhere in India again.

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