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elshahedm Dec 12th, 2009 03:31

5 weeks in June, what do you think?
is this a doable itinerary? I've tried to look up some of the trains. could you let me know when it is better to take the train or the bus and if this is a doable trip, or if i should drop or skip or change something. thanks!!
this is for June 1- July 7

1 arrive in Delhi
2 Delhi
3 Delhi
4 Chandigarh
5 [toy train at 6 am] Shimla
6 Shimla
7 [bus from Shimla to Dharmasala, 10 hrs] Mcleod Ganj
8 Mcleod Ganj
9 Mcleod Ganj
10 Mcleod Ganj
11 Mcleod Ganj
12 Mcleod Ganj – 9pm overnight bus from Dharmasala to Rishikesh (via Dehra Dun)
13 Rishikesh
14 Rishikesh
15 Rishikesh
16 Haridwar during the day [overnight train to varanasi]
17 Varanasi
18 Varanasi
19 Varanasi
20 [2487 Seemanchal Express MGS 09:40 TDL 17:15 7 h 35 min] Agra
21 Agra- see Taj
22 Jaipur
23 Jaipur
24 Jaipur
25 [bus] Mandawa
26 Mandawa
27 [bus] Pushkar
28 Pushkar
29 [6 hr bus] Bundi
30 Bundi
1 [8.5 hr bus] Udaipur
2 Udaipur
3 [6 hr bus] Ahmedabad
4 Ahmedabad
5 [2010 Gujarat Shatabdi ADI 14:30 BCT 21:35 7 h 5 min] Mumbai
6 Mumbai
7 Mumbai-Cairo

ashwinnaagar Dec 19th, 2009 23:07

5 weeks d[U]ring the peak of the summer?? Only if you are really really used to the heat is this ok.
If you don't mind changing your plan you could move to kashmir and then ladakh instead of the plains. That's again a very different and more beautiful part of india and june is the best time for it.

wonderwomanusa Dec 21st, 2009 01:51

It's very likely going to be over 100F (and very high humidity, except in Rajasthan)on the plains; are you really prepared to travel in that weather. There's not much in the way of air conditioning to escape the heat.

As an autumn trip, this would work quite well.

elshahedm Dec 24th, 2009 09:03

I'm from Egypt and lived in Cairo in the peek of summer (which is almost 100F and very humid in the summer) so although it will not be the most comfortable I have lived with it before..

Also I am assuming because the plains are so hot and tourism is relativly low that I will deal with less tourists and better deals on mid-range hotels.

also the first two weeks up to Rishikesh is on relatively high ground, is it that hot up there too?

Thanks for all your help

wonderwomanusa Dec 24th, 2009 12:45


Originally Posted by elshahedm (Post 884564)
also the first two weeks up to Rishikesh is on relatively high ground, is it that hot up there too?

Define "altitude."

Rishikesh is only 300-something meters -- that hardly qualifies as "relatively high." McLeodganj is over 1700 meters which is quite a bit more altitude. Manali, a bit higher than 2000 meters, is really high!

You may, however, hit the beginning of the monsoon during your visit. In the mountains, this can lead to landslides. On the plains, more rainfall than you can dream of -- and lots of mud!

When you're in Varanasi, look at the high-water marks that are painted on the buildings at Daseswamedh Ghat ... and imagine the amount of mud that covers the steps that go to the river!

ashwinnaagar Dec 24th, 2009 15:08

In june-july places at even 1500 m record upto 35c. For example mandi in himachal pradesh at 1200m records temp. upto 40c in june.

elshahedm Dec 24th, 2009 23:32

thanks for all the info, I really appreciate it. I still have time to change plans and I think i will take it step by step and see where i end up.

I found this article on travel in Rajasthan during the Monsoon, its a good read:

ashwinnaagar Dec 27th, 2009 00:56

Sure monsoons are great but they are quite irregular in rajasthan. So when it does not rain for 10-15 days at a stretch temperatures start crossing 38c. That can happen in july as well as august but still rains are generally heavier in august.

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