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4 Week Backpacking Trip


Looks like i have stumbled onto a great website. Yee Ha!

I am going to India in January 2004 and am wanting to turn it into a backpacking trip since i had a great time backpacking in europe. I only have 4 weeks to do it in (and i tight budget) and i am wondering if anyone can advise on a good Itinerary?

For the moment i have a flight booked getting me to Delhi in early january from where i want to travel by train using an Indian Rail pass to Agra, Jaipur, Bombay, GOA and onto Bangalore and back to catch my return flight. I have family living in Bangalore at the moment so i was thinking of spending a week with them there. Is 4 weeks enough time to do this?

An alternative would be to fly into Bombay, skip the whole of the North for now and do a smaller trip from Bombay to GOA and Bangalore.

Does anyone have any advice? Hope to hear from someone soon.


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Hi ayaytch and welcome to the forum!!!
My only point is one I have made before, why bother with Bombay? It's just you are already cramming a lot of big cities into your itinery including Delhi.
Indian cities are fine in small doses but they are also noisy polluted and very busy (much like cities anywhere) so too many cities on a four week trip will be a real drag believe me!!
Just as a little alteration to your itinery why don't you base yourself in Bharatpur for 2/3 days then you can get a feel for a smaller Indian village and visit the wonderful bird sanctuary. From here take a day trip into Agra about 1 1/2 hours, you could even fit in the ruined palaces at Fatehpur Sikri if you got up early!!
Or you could visit the palaces at Deeg 1 hour or Mahthura the birthplace of Krishna 45 Minutes.
All in all Bharatpur will afford you many options for a different look at India and when your finished catch the train from Agra to Goa!!
For hotels in Bharatpur take a look at the hotel guide on this site.
Enjoy your trip and if you have any other queries be sure to ask!!
Sanatana Dharma

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welcome ayaytch...I would second cyberhippie's idea to both use Bharatpur as a relaxed base both for seeing the bird sanctuary and for Agra and surrounding attractions, as well as 'skipping' Bombay this time around and going direct to Goa.

A further suggestion (as all regular members will expect about now :)) is to see if you can get an open-jaw ticket to save yourself a lot of backtracking. If you can find an airline that offers discounted tickets to Delhi as well as a southern city (Bangalore would be best, but Chennai would be good also) you could fly to Delhi and return from Bangalore for around the same price as a Delhi rt. This would also mean you could get a shorter duration rail-pass, saving you money as well as time. If those cities not available, then even a Bombay return would be preferable, time-wise, as well as giving you an opportunity to take in the city if you really want to see it.

Your alternate idea of skipping the north this time around and concentrating on the south is an OK idea as well -- again you could ease the travel aspect by flying in to Bombay and out from Bangalore or Chennai. The south has a lot of attractions and January is a perfect time to check them out!

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Thanks cyberhippie!

That sounds like a plan. A question now that is on my mind is whether or not it is worth me spending the money on the Rail Pass for 30 days or if it might be better for me to just buy individual tickets for where i want to go.

Also does anyone have any sort of idea of what sort of budget i shuold be looking at per day to cover accommodation, food and entrance to sights. Assuming of course that I do buy the Rail Pass which should cover most of my travel needs through india.

Thanks again,
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Thanks guys,

Still no one venturing a guess at a budget for a tight fisted student? Heh heh!

I was reading a thread started by jonnybardo (pardon me if incorrect) where he mentioned budgets between $5 and $20. I was thinking $7/$8 a day just to cover food and accomodation as i think i am going with the Rail Pass option for transport. Is this too little?

Basically i am looking just to be able to survive in India while backpackinga round? Any guesses? What budgets did other backpackers reading this work off when in india?

Thanks again guys and gals...catch ya later....
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I got an Indrail pass the first time I went; then found I had to travel/move more than I wanted to travel to make it worth while. For a first recon trip, it might make sense. $7 - $8/day . . . it can be done but eat a lot before you leave home. Good luck. Peace. Namaste. Scott P.S. I spend about $10 - $13/day (includes some treats, the occasional cybercafe, a bottle of bad beer every now and then - but as someone I met in Mexico said - "if it wasn't for bad beer, there'd be no beer at all."
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I did a rough calculation of the cost of (express/mail) SL class fares for the approximate distances of your plan:

Delhi-Bangalore via Mumbai: approx 2700 km cost around 650rp ($14US)
Bangalore-Mumbai: " 1250 km " " 345 ( $7.50)
Mumbai-Delhi: " 1400 km " " 370 ($8 US)

These prices are approximate and don't include a couple of small fees, but I have 'rounded up' milage and these should be ok 'ballpark figures' unless I've made a fatal error. Since a 30day rail pass is $125, you will be paying a hefty price for the convenience.

As far as daily expense, $7-8/day is probably too low -- at least when you are not staying with family in Bangalore. It is possible, but you will always be looking for the ultimate in cheapness which will waste time and energy as well as meaning you will occasionally have to stay in some really nasty flea-pits to keep on budget. If you were just 'hanging out' in Goa or some other inexpensive spot, you could get by on that with a 50-100rp room and modest eating, but you will be travelling a lot and each new city/town will present a new challenge to your budget. I'd say $10-15 would be more realistic -- and what the hey, you are coming this far, an extra $5/day is only $150 for 30 days...live it up :)


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