3 weeks in Feb: Delhi-Rajasthan only?
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3 weeks in Feb: Delhi-Rajasthan only?

I'm making my first trip to India in Feb. and trying to figure out what I can manage in 3 weeks without killing myself -- or my husband! (As point of comparison, 3 years ago, I went to Bangkok - Angkor - Hanoi & Ha Long Bay - Bali in about the same amount of time. Wonderful trip, but I really needed the down time in Bali at the end!) We will be flying from NYC and I will be going back to work as soon as I get back. I figure we'll need 2 days at either end for travel to/from India, which leaves us 17 or 18 days in the country.

I'm thinking of 3 variations, which are basically:

1) Delhi for 3 days, Agra 1 day (day trip), travel day, Varanasi for 3 days, travel day, Jaipur for 3 days, travel day, then 4 days in Goa before I head back to Delhi/home

2) Delhi for 2 days, Agra 1 day (day trip), travel day, Varanasi for 3 days, travel day, Jaipur for 3 days, travel day, Udaipur for 2 days, travel day, Jodhpur for 2 days, back to Delhi/NYC

3) Delhi for 3 days, Agra 1 day (day trip), travel day, Jaipur for 3 days, travel day, Udaipur for 2 days, travel day, Jodhpur for 2 days, travel day, Jaisalmer for 2 days, back to Delhi/NYC

Amy I nuts? If not, which one would people recommend? Note that, for the long legs of the trip, we will be flying.

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i think you'd be bored with delhi after 3 days, just stay for one or two to get your bearings. remember you'll be passing back through on your way home. if you really feel like you need more time there save it for the end of the trip, then take a relaxed ride to the airport.

we had a similar itinerary a few years ago. found it helpful to add a couple of flights in the mix, especially delhi/varanasi/delhi.

i've done the trek from delhi to jaisalmer twice. the second time we just hopped off the train for a few hours in jaipur then got back on later that day for onward journey.


there used to be a delhi/jaisalmer flight that was canceled for a while. might want to check that out. could work your way back to delhi from there.
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what do you mean with travel day? going by car, bus? than you should decrease the number of cities to visit - otherwise its stress

going by plane - I would recommend - than you need no traveldays - in most cases you can get direct connections (perhaps you must change the route as fare as I know Jaipur / Goa direct isn't possible) either in the morning or in the evening - flight duration normally about 1 hour - if you get all flights direct you won't be chraged with more than 500$ in economy
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I was assuming I would go by plane for the longer periods (e.g., Delhi to Varanasi or Varanasi to Jaipur or anywhere to Goa) -- and maybe train (if less than 4 or 5 hours) or overnight train for parts of the trip. HOwever, even for relatively short flights/train trips, I kept a "travel day" between cities assuming that I should leave myself with wiggle room for delays, etc.
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ok - you can do though, but not necessary - I did in february the following trip

1st 2nd d mumbai in the evening flight to goa
3rd - 5th goa morning 5th d to cochin

5th - 9th Cochin in the afternoon to Mumbai by car two hours to Pune

10th -12th Pune

13th via ellora caves by car to aurangabad

15th in the morning to delhi

16th in the evening to jaipur

18th in the evening to delhi

20th by car to agra and 21st via palace of wings back to delhi

23rd left india

But - maybe a hint for you - I booked only Taj hotel and had an agreement with them that they take care for my luggage - means I left the hotels in the morning for sight seeing and they arranged that I met my luggage at the airport after sightseeing the whole day. Or when I flew in the morning, IK went sightseeing after the flight and they arranged the transport of the luggage to the hotel
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Well -- I'm not staying at any of the Taj hotels, so that might not be possible. :)

However -- I may now have a possible itinerary. Any thoughts? (note the backtracking to Delhi is because of flight availability between Varanasi and the rest of my trip...)

2 nights Delhi
4 nights Varanasi (with day trip to Sarnath)
1 night Delhi
1 night Agra
3 nights Jaipur
3 nights Udaipur
1 night Mumbai
4 nights Goa

Too much of any one place? (While I really want to go to Varanasi, in particular, I wonder whether this might be a little too long....)

Thanks so much!
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In Varanasi you can book great city tours at the tourist buros; then you can see everything important in one day (also the sunrise on the Ganga!) and maybe stay one more day for the athmosphere. Make sure your hotel is near the ghats otherwise the rickshaw drivers will ruin your stay. I found Yogi's guest house very nice.

Try to fit in some time in Jaisalmer. Besides the hassling at the arrival (wich you can prevent by an advance booking) it is really peaceful and the little villages in the desert are wonderful. I had a dinner under the stars in the desert on my camel safari. I'll never saw that many stars before!

Check out Shahi Palace (www.shahipalacehotel.com ) a really nice place with very very helpful and genunly friendly staff.
Enjoy India!
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3 weeks in Rajasthan is doeable

I'd stick with option 3 or something similar. I think adding in Varanasi or trying to fly somewhere like Mumbai is cramming it too much. Rajasthan is fairly full on as it is without adding in the Varanasi madness on a first visit.

It does all depend on how you are travelling. If you hire a car, you really do miss out on meeting with real people and seeing how people in India live - you become removed from it all and people treat you differently. Public transport (especially buses in Rajasthan) is the way to go.

My introduction to India was 3 weeks in Rajasthan. I actually went on an Intrepid trip which was excellent and they really put an emphasis on travelling by local transport, meeting Indians, respecting culture etc. I picked up so many tips that the rest of my trip (3 weeks down in South India) was a breeze after having learnt the ropes - plus South India is a little more laid back and no wandering cows to content with (which I really missed)!

If you want to get an idea of an itinerary - take a look at my travelogue. You would need to put some time into booking trains and finding out the times of the (very early morning) buses. Some of it would require a 4 wheel drive or car hire.


Have fun!

Dynamite Dinah writes on her amazing love affair with India in a 6 week travelogue

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